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Video Seminar: Values Alignment In Recruitment

By Christine Khor
In the recruitment space, values-based alignment between people and employers has become a key success factor in hiring decisions and retention rates. Most professionals are now looking beyond salary for roles that fit their personal values in order to feel more purposeful and engaged in their work life. Best practice organisations are now moving to meet these needs. When recruitment decisions are made based more on values alignment, a solid foundation is formed for a long term, successful partnership between employer and employee.

Overview: Values Alignment In Recruitment

Video Seminar: Christine Khor Q4

 About Christine Khor

Christine Khor It’s taken fifteen years of risk-taking and innovation to make Christine Khor the successful business owner she is today. After a successful marketing career working for leading companies such as Kraft Foods and Simplot, she started her own specialist recruitment consultancy in 2000. That business has evolved over the years into Chorus Executive; a holistic talent management business that offers recruitment, coaching and personal branding services. Christine’s belief is that a business can only be successful when the goals and motivations of its people are aligned to the broader goals and motivations of the business.


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Christine Khor Phone: +61 9698 8788
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