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Avoiding Burnout & Stress

Reports of higher levels of stress, mental exhaustion and burnout at work are cause for real concern. Can you identify the signs of stress and burnout? What can be done to avoid its presence in your workplace?
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7 Types Of Self-care That Every Business Leader Should Be Mindful Of

by Ella Zhang

Business leaders often find themselves deeply invested in their organisations' success and growth, focusing on strategic planning, decision-making, and meeting objectives. Such pressures and responsibilities can be time and energy consuming, leaving little room for self-care.

Six Steps To Less Stress And More Balance

by Dr Alan Zimmerman

We’re living in an age of paradox. On the one hand, it’s almost impossible to listen to or watch the news and not get angry, depressed, or frightened. On the other hand, medical breakthroughs are coming out every other day. It seems like we’ve learned how to add years to our life but we haven’t learned how to add life to our years.

How Leaders Can Combat An Over-reliance On Technology To Reduce Stress

by Michelle Gibbings

If you've ever spent a sustained period detached from your digital device, you'll know the joy and clarity it produces. New ideas emerge. Your brain feels genuinely rested. Too much tech in our working day can negatively impact our mental health and well-being.

A Simple Trick To Nip Stress In The Bud In 90 Seconds

by Melo Calarco

As a mindfulness and high-performance coach there is undoubtably one technique I have taught thousands of people that gives them outstanding results for ‘nipping stress in the bud’ immediately, it’s called the 90 second breath break.

How Your Work Behaviours Might Be Causing Team Burnout

by Lynne Cazaly

To lead is to have, or hope to have, followers. And the teams, groups and leaders we lead are watching what we do and how we do it. But as the saying goes, 'we can’t all be above average drivers’, and nor can we all be above average leaders.

Changing Your Relationship With Fear Leads To Professional Success

by Dr Amy Silver

We all have fears, many of which keep us safe and well. It is the job of fear to warn us of danger and avoid risk. Fear wants us to avoid anything which would cause physical or social pain. But how much does fear interfere with our good choices?

Managing Pressure As A Modern Executive

By Steven Norman

The huge focus on this quarter's results. The long hours and relentless pressure of walking a tightrope among conflicting interests. Intense back-to-back meetings. A hectic travel schedule and working away from home for extended periods. The unholy early mornings combined with frequent late nights. Incoming urgent issues and top-down requests that need attention. Challenges and conflicts with other functions, between functions or with headquarters. Dealing with dramatic changes in the external environment. Fighting a losing battle against email and time management, yet there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done.

Staying Sane In High-stress Workplaces

By Ken Warren

Most people out there work extraordinarily hard with very high workloads. There are, of course, times to simply knuckle-down and work hard to get the job done.

Five Reasons Why Leaders Need To Relax

By Kevin Eikenberry

Leaders have a lot on their plate. They have lots to think about, lots to do and lots to decide. This likely conjures a picture of frantic busyness and not one of relaxed calmness.

Beating 'Crazy Busy' At Work

By Ken Warren

High workloads can be physically and emotionally draining. It seems wherever you go, you will find people who are 'crazy busy' at work:

Harnessing Your Emotions

By Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Have you ever overreacted with anger to comments or actions from your colleagues, managers, suppliers or customers? Do you find yourself getting angry over the smallest things? Are you prone to road rage, screaming, yelling or bullying behaviour? How much is that anger affecting your professional relationships, reputation and career / business success?

Three Ways To Combat Stress

By Dr Alan Zimmerman

Stress is pervasive. Everybody's got some of it. And stress is idiosyncratic. What stresses out one person doesn't bother another person.

9 Tips To Avoid Boiling Point

by Shaun McCarthy

Stress is all around us - if you have not experienced stress, you have not yet lived. Looming deadlines, missed opportunities, changes that we cannot control (such as the economy) through to frustrating people, demanding customers, new competitors, supply disruptions and quality problems - it's all in a days' work!

15 Strategies For Coping With Stress

by Priority Management

Even though the causes of too much stress are often beyond our control, you can learn to contain stress so that it works for - and not against - you. Here are 15 strategies for keeping yourself on an even keel.

Managing Employee Stress In The Workplace

by Profiles International

Handling employee stress in the workforce is no easy task. Some employees rise to the occasion while others cringe with fear or avoid the situation completely. This article will provide you with 5 ways to help you develop a solid workforce that won't crack under pressure.

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