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Building Networks

Don’t end up with a hang-over at your next business networking event. How can you achieve new business, get leads, build partnerships and find business solutions?
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How Leaders Can Use Social Media To Influence

By Nicola Moras

The competition is fierce for leadership roles with more and more people vying for promotions and looking for the easiest way to be recognised as the right person for the role. You can't afford for your resume to do all the heavy lifting, however, given that 70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process (CareerBuilder survey, 2018). It's a tool that can be put to good use.

Networking - Are You Transacting Or Transforming?

By Janine Garner

We are living in an age of extremes. On the one hand obsessing about the quantity of 'friends' and size of the database we are rapidly trying to accumulate. On the other, struggling with the busyness of life and finding the time to keep in touch with said network.

10 Tips For Building Relationships That Work

By Dr. Alan Zimmerman

Almost everything you have accomplished, or will ever accomplish, or may never accomplish can be traced to the quality of your relationships.

How To Network With The Elephant In The Room

By Dr. Ivan Misner

Belonging to a networking group that meets regularly helps to establish and maintain relationships that can prosper for years. However, it’s almost inevitable, especially in the ways that these groups are structured, that you may wind up in networking situations with people that you simply just can’t stand to be around.

Building Communities For Your Sales Force

By Colleen Francis

Today’s marketplace is in the midst of a profound transformation in how sales are generated and sustained, and nowhere else is that more apparent than in the changing relationship between sellers and buyers. Gone are the days of pure transactional selling. Buyers don’t wait for you to come to them anymore. Instead, they seek out what they are looking for. When they’re prepared, they choose to do business with those who best meet their needs. More than ever, the strength of the connections you cultivate determines how successful you’ll be in positioning yourself in the minds of your buyer as that top pick.

How To Shine At Networking Events

By Sue Currie

Many of us are busily attending functions, meetings and social events to woo and win clients and customers. To further our careers we’ve learned sales and negotiating skills, proposal writing, technology skills, marketing, public relations and a host of other tools to help us in our business life. But what about the softer skills, or the intangible elements of the work relationship that may help us land the deal?

Using Power Teams To Boost Business Referrals

by Dr. Ivan Misner

Some business people seem to have all the luck. The right people just seem to put themselves in the path of these lucky people, ready to introduce them to people who will give them all the business they could ever desire. Do you know any people like this? Then you should also know that it's likely more than just luck that brings a deluge of referrals their way. These people have probably built strong Power Teams for themselves.

Ten Step Guide To Personal Branding Success

by Chuck Sink

Are you known for the reasons you want to be known? Do people in your market perceive you and your organisation according to your brand strategy? What percentage of your target market know who you are? What percentage have never heard of you? The objective of this article is to move your name and business awareness from relative obscurity to top-of-mind awareness.

Checklist For Your Business Networking Toolkit

by Dr. Ivan Misner

Running a successful business networking campaign includes building an arsenal of credibility-enhancing materials. Use this checklist to make sure you have the right material at your disposal and make the most of every networking opportunity.

Winning Strategies To Raise Your Profile

by Jenny Stilwell

If you want to start raising your profile, get started now on these activities and keep them going on a regular basis.

Networking Only Works When You Stop Selling

Networking is more about farming than it is about hunting. So, the next time you go to a networking meeting, think about how many people are there to ‘buy' something. Then, remember to stop ‘selling' and start networking.

10 Networking Blunders That Cost You Sales

by Kelley Robertson

Networking effectively can have a dramatic impact on your sales - providing it is done correctly. Avoid these fatal networking mistakes and improve your results.

3 Major Misconceptions About Networking

by Dr. Ivan Misner

Once you overcome these misconceptions, there will be nothing to stop you building a powerful network that provides continuous business and opportunities.

5 Ways To Be Your Own Chief Networking Officer

by Dr. Ivan Misner

Every business should have a CNO, but you don’t have to hire one. You just have to take on the “CNO mindset!”

The Power Of People

by Sue Currie

People like to do business with people they like and trust so it is vital to build strong rapport and relationships with those we hope to do business with.

Total 67 articles in this section.
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