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Planning For Exit & Succession

Succession planning should be a key part of your business' growth strategy and risk management process. What planning should be done to ensure a smooth transition to the anointed successor?
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Seven Dimensions Of Succession Planning

By Leslie Dashew

When leaders of family businesses think about succession planning, typically they are thinking of who will replace the President or CEO. Some go further to think about who will own the business when the current owners are gone. But transitions from one generation to another require succession in seven areas, not just those two.

Begin With The End In Mind

by Craig West

Many business owners are so entrenched running their business day to day - they fail to allocate the time and energy to plan for the future.

Strategic Succession Planning

by Craig West

Strategic succession planning for business' was never heard of 10 years ago - however business owners now understand that succession is a significant aspect to the success of their business. Steven Covey in Begin with the end in mind - says, "If you want to have a successful enterprise, you clearly define what you're trying to accomplish... the extent to which you begin with the end in mind often determines whether or not you are able to create a successful enterprise."

The Importance Of Succession Planning

by Craig West

The transfer of ownership and control of a business from one generation to the next is important to get right. While a large number of family business owners recognise the importance of succession, many family businesses do not have a succession plan in place for the future. Given that a significant number of business exits fail through liquidation, bankruptcy, illness, divorce or closing up shop, these questions should not be taken lightly. After all, investing the time to develop a strategic succession plan is one of the most important financial decisions business owners may ever make - without one, the value in the business will retire when you do.

Mastering The Art Of Succession

by Michael McQueen

The prevailing culture of many modern corporate leaders creates a focus almost entirely on the short term: this year, this funding cycle, my tenure, my success.

Passing The Baton

by Richard Shrapnel

Succession planning continues to be a topical subject and for good reason. The bubble of the baby boomer generation pushing towards retirement and exit will only continue. What is unclear is when the bottleneck will tighten to the extent that exit becomes problematic and business values decline.

With A Succession Plan, It's Business As Usual

by Bruce Wigan

For all businesses, it is inevitable that the time will come when there will be a ‘changing of the guard’. The aim of a succession plan is to ensure that there can be an orderly transition of a business’s management and ownership so that the value of the business is retained.

Succession Planning For Tough Times

by David Krause

Tough economic times are making it increasingly difficult for business owners seeking to realise maximum value for their business upon retirement or exit. This means that vendors need to think "outside the square" to help alleviate the concerns of buyers.

5 Ways To Start Breaking Free From Your Business Operations!

by Jenny Stilwell

The biggest and most consistent issue for long-time business owners is how to clear the way for them to spend less time in their business. More control over your life and time, and a valuable business asset that will provide for your lifestyle both now and into the future, are rewards that we want and expect from our business.

8 Key Steps For Successful Business Succession

by Charisse Gray

Astute business planning, management and execution is absolutely essential to the continuity and longevity of businesses of all sizes. Consider this framework for successful business succession.

Extracting The Maximum Value From Your Business When You Retire

by Bill Hovey

Most SMEs and family business owners would have some expectation of what their business is worth were they to sell. However, they may be in for a rude shock.

The Ultimate Succession Planning Guide

by Charisse Gray

A well thought through succession plan is essential to every business no matter what the intention is for the future. It should be a key part of your business' growth strategy and risk management process.

Retirement In Family Business'

by MGI Boyd

Over 56% of family business owners see themselves working in the business beyond 65 years of age.

Family Business Succession Planning

by MGI Boyd

Lansberg (1988) describes succession planning as the process of making the preparations necessary to ensure family harmony and continuity of the business through to subsequent generations, emphasising that these preparations relate to the future needs of both the business and the family.

Sale Of The Family Business

by MGI Boyd

It is noteworthy that 75% of family business owners indicate that they would seriously consider selling their business, if approached; with 46.2% reporting having been approached within the last five years.

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