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Building Resilience & Positive Attitude

Your attitude will have an affect on your work … and in your life. Why does building resilience help you sustain a positive attitude?
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How Changing Your Mindset Helps Get Rid Of Imposter Syndrome

by Darren Fleming

According to a 2020 KPMG study, Imposter Syndrome affects approximately 75% of female executives. Males don’t appear to be as affected by it as much. A Workplace Insights article from April 2023 puts it only at 12%, while others put it as high as 20%. Interestingly, one of the reasons cited for the lower stats for men is their reluctance to talk about it. Surely that’s a sign of Imposter Syndrome right there!

How To Stop A Conflict From Destroying Your Relationship

by Dr. Alan Zimmerman

Interpersonal conflicts are inevitable. And you're going to do one of two things when conflict comes. You're going to resolve the conflict or dissolve the relationship.

How To Keep Negative Criticism From Becoming Destructive

by Dr. Alan Zimmerman

Do you ever feel like lashing out? Do you ever want to let someone really know how ticked off you are or how bad their behaviour is?

How To Turn Your Core Values Into Powerful Statements Of Action

by Ros Weadman

Our core values dictate what we deem important and strive to uphold at all times. In business, they are pillars of organisational culture, providing the guide posts by which we make decisions, determine priorities and take action. Core values are also fundamental to a business’s marketing program in highlighting what a brand stands for, thereby acting as a beacon for prospective employees and customers.

Five Ways To Prepare Yourself For The Future Of Work

by Michelle Gibbings

The jobs market is booming, with recent ABS data revealing more than 423,000 job vacancies and staff shortages across multiple industries and sectors.

15 Warning Signs That Fear Is Holding You Back From Success

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Fear holds many people back from personal and professional success, and some people are unaware of it. This is because it can be difficult to be objective and see outside your own situation when you are in the situation. 

How Will You Leverage Something New?

By Gihan Perera

It’s all well and good to compare yourself with yourself, so you can keep improving. And it’s sometimes worth looking at the competition, so you can strive to be (or continue to be) the market leader. But if that’s all you do, you leave yourself exposed to external forces.

How To Set Better Boundaries At Work

By Rebecca Houghton

Are you struggling to set boundaries? The vast majority of us are, because most of us are people pleasers - we’ve been trained since childhood to be. If you’ve ever said yes knowing you should have said no, or made up a white lie instead of a straight no, then the chances are that you’re pleasing people and struggling to set boundaries of your own.

Shift Happens - The Neuroscience Of Behaviour Change

By Paul Taylor

Many people know what they need to do to improve their health and wellbeing, but they don’t do it. This is what I call the knowing-doing gap and I have created a mnemonic to help close this gap, to make behaviour change EASIER, and here is what it stands for:

How Leaders Benefit From The Wisdom Of Youth

By Michelle Gibbings

As organisations grapple with more complex issues and an ever-increasing pace of change, leaders need to be open to new ways of thinking and deciding. One of the best ways to do this is to expose themselves to a broad range of perspectives across the ages. While there is no doubt wisdom comes with age, there are also new insights and ideas from young people.

We’re Hardwired To Avoid Uncertainty

By Gihan Perera

How well do you deal with uncertainty? Probably not as well as you’d like - and that’s a problem, because the uncertainty we’re currently facing will continue for some time to come.

How Leaders Can Manage The Battle Between Distraction And Focus

By Janine Garner

A rocket to the moon with no plotted course will just go around and around in orbit, but a rocket with a plan and a program behind it, which takes into account the prevailing conditions and the mechanics of the mission, will be set to hit its target.

Introverts Guide To Surviving In Business

By Stephen Barnes

Introverts prefer to process information internally, keep personal matters private and avoid showing emotion. They may struggle to say 'no', and equally find it difficult to ask for or accept help. They may also suffer from 'people exhaustion' and prefer to have time alone.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Increase Your EQ For Success

By Muffy Churches

There are many measures of success and even more ways to define it, but one thing is certain - polished skill in EQ can function as a key enabler of it.

10 Tactics To Find Flow

By Darren K Bourke

One of the hottest themes in business theory is flow. Flow can be described as a state of being when everything seems to be working. A feeling of calm is ever present and you feel in complete control. You feel that you are performing at the peak of your powers.

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