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Workforce Planning

The key to successful workforce planning is making sure your business has the right people available for the right roles at the right time - so the right things get done. What steps can you follow when mapping your workforce?
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Why A Radical Rethink Is Required To Ensure Sustainable Retention Strategies

by Rebecca Houghton

We’re in the middle of a period of talent mobility that most leaders have never experienced. 1.3 million Australians changed jobs in February 2022 – the highest in over a decade. But people are not leaving for reasons we are all familiar with such as money, boss, or location; they are rethinking their life priorities entirely. When the reason for attrition is this radically different, then our retention strategies need be radically different too.

What CEOs Really Want From HR

By Ilona Charles

The majority of CEOs and senior leaders today understand the importance of Human Resources. Reliability, integrity, empathy and discretion are the characteristics CEOs expect and require of their HR leaders. Nick Holley in his research for the Henley Business School, found that CEOs expect their HR leaders and the HR function "to deliver the core processes really well, but they don’t really care about these processes beyond the fact they are done". His research overwhelmingly found that what they really wanted from HR, and what they most cared about was HR’s support in enabling the business strategy and building the people and organisational capability to deliver this business strategy. “What they valued most from their HR Director, is the director bit, less so the HR bit".

Cut It Out - The Secret To Winning

By Dr. Alan Zimmerman

We are living in a time of information explosion and global competition. More information has been generated and disseminated in the last two years than in the previous two thousand years, and more people than ever are eager and ready to take what you have; this fact can be overwhelming.

Are You Ready To Start Hiring?

by Flying Solo

As your business grows you may consider obtaining help, whether by outsourcing tasks to free up your time or hiring staff. Either way, are you ready for all that involves?

The Delicate Subject Of Owners Salaries

by Darren Bourke

Most businesses start out with a very simple model that says "we all earn the same amount'. This is very egalitarian and is a no-brainer at the start.

7 Steps To Streamline Every Area Of Your Business

by Daniel Lock

For every step you introduce into a business process, the complexity increases exponentially. In a complicated world, with complicated customer requests, how do you simplify your business processes quickly and easily?

A Blueprint For Getting Maximum Impact From Your Talent Management Planning Process

by Amy Armitage

Talent Management Planning, an integrated process for aligning business strategy with people systems, can have a powerful impact on business performance, with greater organisational efficiency, greater employee engagement and a framework for continuous improvement.

Re-Designing The HR Function In Your Business

by Bill MacKenzie and Briana Salak

When was the last time you considered how effectively you are running your HR function? The good news is that there is a remarkable degree of agreement on best practice in human capital management. You might already be headed in the right direction but the devil is in the details.

Every Leadermanager™ Is Responsible For Succession Planning

by Ian Berry

Succession planning is not just about executives, it is about every role in your organisation.

Human Resources Planning - More Than Filling Vacancies For The Next Few Months

by Paul Phillips

Workforce planning for many people is just about looking at new jobs coming up and how they might fill the vacancies. To do it effectively requires a little more forward vision. A few of the steps you may wish to include are listed below.

Leaders Cannot Lead Without Organisational Intelligence

by Anita Laurence

Wouldn't if be great if the COOs and CEOs of all organisations were confident that their work in leading talent management efforts was, in fact, adding lots of value?!

Unconventional Succession Planning

by JJ Thakar

With a highly competitive environment for talent, old methods of succession planning are no longer viable. For many companies, HR processes are not well positioned, or integrated enough to support a culture of development required to growing talent.

Optimising Human Capital

by Les Pickett

An organisation is rather like a pipeline for people. We recruit people and feed them in at the start of the pipeline. How long they remain in the pipeline, how effectively they perform and their level of contribution depends on a number of factors, many of which are under the direct control of the people who are responsible for leading the organisation.

Workforce Planning Starts With Understanding Demand

Stated very simply, the key to successful workforce planning is making sure your organisation has the right people available for the right roles at the right time - so the right things get done.

Succession Planning - It's More Than Just Replacing People Who Leave

by Paul Phillips

We tend to think of succession planning as having a few plans in place if a key person gets hit by a bus or someone retires. In practice it has to be more than this if you want to avoid continually trying to "catch up".

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