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Overcoming The Skills Shortage

In a tight employment market, what strategies can you employ to overcome the shortage of skilled staff for your workplace?
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Banish Unconscious Bias And Unveil Existing Sources Of Skilled Staff

by Jen Dalitz

Unconscious bias can hide sources of existing skilled staff in your workplace. Would you recognise unconscious bias if you saw it in your workplace? Here are 10 signs to watch out for that, once overcome, can open your eyes to new employment pools.

Achieve Dramatic Cost Savings Recruiting With Referrals

With so many organisations making redundancies, it might seem a strange time to be talking about recruiting. The paradox however, is that even as overall headcount will reduce, there will still be significant challenges in attracting the people you need for some roles.

Bye, Bye Boomers: Planning For The Inevitable

by Norman Schippers

Your leaders are leaving soon and you may have gaps within the ranks, both in qualified people and the necessary competencies. While this is potentially alarming information, now is not the time to panic.

Make Yours The Greenest Pasture - Retaining Your Top Talent

by Scott Cohen

Employee turnover can cost companies up to 40% of their annual profit. The financial impact of losing a significant number of high performing and high potential employees can be exponentially higher.

Using Short-Term Executives To Handle Problems Cost Effectively

by Phil Tuck

A growing pool of experienced ‘interim executives' is available to help businesses overcome temporary problems, supplement senior management, or help to push a new project through to completion.

Passive Recruiting

by Carl Kutsmode

Limiting your candidate pool to people who are currently actively looking for a new job can actually increase your overall recruitment costs and can put you far behind your competition in hiring top performers, especially if you are replacing a key executive or an open position requiring a unique skill set. As a result, an increasing number of companies are making long-term commitments to include passive recruiting as an integral part of their overall recruiting strategy.

Turning Your Organisation Into A Talent Magnet

by Carl Kutsmode

Businesses working to hire people with skill sets that are in high demand and short supply need to do more than just post jobs online and cold call potential candidates at their competitors. They must turn their organisations into "talent magnets" - so that highly desired talent continuously seeks employment opportunities at their organisation, because word is out that people love working for the company.

Using Your Internal Workplace Brand To Attract And Retain

by Penny Burke

There is evidence showing that the labour market is changing globally, and the impact on the future workplace will be considerable. There's no reason why a workplace shouldn't be considered a brand to help attract and retain staff. But it's easier said than done.

Why You Need To Keep Your Mature Employees In The Business

by NSW Business Chamber

It is absolutely critical that you find innovative ways of utilising the tremendous source of experienced, loyal, productive human capital you have residing in your business.

Making Mature Age Employment Work

by Peter Tanner

As employers wake up and start competing for mature age workers' talents, the only barrier to making the most of our ageing workforce will be the limitations we impose on ourselves.

Plan Now Or Pay Later - Proactive 'Talent War' Tips

by Carl Kutsmode

In this talent shortage age, it's important to include the following four considerations in your planning if you intend to continue to compete effectively for top talent.

6 Strategies To Help Your Business Survive The Skills Shortage

by NSW Business Chamber

Retaining good staff is not all about salary. Employers are going to have to get smarter about the total employment package they are offering their staff, if they want to attract and retain the best people.

Don't Underestimate The Value Of Your Older Employees

by NSW Business Chamber

One of the greatest challenges facing employers today is how best to prepare for the implications of an ageing workforce, that will have serious ramifications for their business over the next ten years.

Attraction And Retention Audit

by Kerrie Parkin

The lowest unemployment rate since 1976 is a headache for many business owners. The shortage of skilled workers has become the single biggest HR risk. It is a complex problem, however there are a few guidelines we suggest every business follow.

Keeping Contractors Happy

by Tui McKeown

As more traditional work structures disappear, employers face the challenge of managing an external workforce.

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