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Designing Salary Packages

Employers are going to have to get smarter about the total employment package they are offering their staff? What salary package will attract and retain the best people?

Determining Your Pay DNA

by Jonamay Lambert and Adam Steinbrunner

More and more, employers are redefining and allocating their mix of rewards based on individual needs - like a stock portfolio of investments - and finding trends amongst workers as they begin to look at work-life balance, flex-time and other original ways to keep people happy and productive.

Getting Pay Right

by Paul Phillips

The end of the financial year is often the time of year many businesses start to look at salary reviews. Often this is an ad hoc affair with a central budget being the main criteria for what individuals are given.

Become An Employer Of Choice - Offer Salary Packaging

by Noel Fargie

Employer of Choice - current marketplace jargon for businesses that wish to, not only attract new quality employees, but retain the quality employees they have.

Salary Packaging - Alive and Well

by SalPac Administration

How to use packaging to reduce tax and make your take-home pay go further.

Bringing It All Together - Performance, Market and Job

by Paul Phillips

Maintaining the system in a logical and transparent way is crucial as people expect to have their salaries reviewed at least annually and want this to be on a consistent and fair basis. An effective salary review process also enables the business to reap the benefits of having a comprehensive salary system.

Being Competitive With Pay - Linking To The Market

by Paul Phillips

Having looked at an effective salary system and establishing the internal relativities of the job, we now need to determine the levels of payment for each position.

Who Gets Paid What?

by Paul Phillips

Establishing which jobs are where in the "pecking order" is one of the fundamentals in building an effective salary system. While this is not an exact science, having some form of evaluation in place to achieve it can remove a number of potential problems and avoid time consuming and costly decisions made "on the run" in the future.

Is Pay Important?

by Paul Phillips

Time invested in establishing and managing a salary system provides significant benefits to a business as it frees up managers and their staff to focus on activities that deliver results.

Salary Systems

by Paul Phillips

Still an important part of performance management.

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