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Engaging & Retaining Staff

What is employee engagement and why is it important to boosting the performance of your team? Equally important, dealing with staff retention issues. What can you do to keep your top talent?
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How To Use Presentations As A Tool To Change Internal Culture

By Emma Bannister

Have you conducted a culture assessment in your organisation? How would you rate the morale and the current attitudes of your workforce? Do you feel as though your teams are living your company values and aligned with its goals? As leaders we are all aware of the importance of a healthy and thriving company culture, so it is no surprise that analysing the inner workings of your culture can be a daunting process.

How Leaders Can Spark Curiosity To Ignite Learning

By Dougal Jackson

Whether it's embracing new ways of thinking, adopting new ways of working, or understanding an unfamiliar process or system, learning is crucial to improving performance in any role. As the pace of technology escalates, and the average time in the workforce extends, career-long learning is imperative.

The Manager's Employee Engagement Checklist

By Kevin Sheridan

A recent study on the American workplace highlighted the single greatest thing you can do to increase employee engagement: hire the right managers. In fact, the study said that if you hire a manager who is disengaged, the work group they manage is three times more likely to be disengaged.

The Real Truth About Employee Turnover

By Kevin Berchelmann

Retention. Attrition. Turnover. These are attention-getting words today. It costs too much and is too difficult to find and hire good people, that finally employee turnover is having its day. It’s about time.

Train And Treat Your Talent Well

By Aubrey Warren

Richard Branson is often quoted as saying that we should "Train people well enough so they can leave; Treat them well enough so they don’t want to". Like most wisdom, it's simple. At least simple to say. But it's far from simplistic. The real wisdom comes from actually doing it. And if you've been fortunate enough to have the experience of being well trained and well treated you'll know first-hand how sage Branson’s advice is. If you're fortunate enough to have great talent on your team, you’ll know first-hand how valuable it is.

The Eight Values Of An Employer Of Choice

By Dr Tim Baker

Every organisation these days - big or small - wants to become an employer of choice. Many claim they are when in reality few can be considered as such.

Are Your Staff Eager To Work?

By Gayle Lantz

Studies show that approximately two-thirds of employees are not fully engaged at work, and 26% are actively disengaged. But you don't need studies to prove that. Think about the people you know in your own network. How many express frustration, apathy or burnout compared to those who seem to thrive in their work?

Increasing Shareholder Value Through Employee Engagement

By David Brookmire

Companies that aren’t focused on increasing employee engagement within their organisations may experience decreased productivity, profits and shareholder value. While employee engagement is a 'soft' topic for most CEOs, it has the potential to drive EPS and shareholder wealth and, therefore, should be taken seriously by top management.

Engaging High Potential Employees

by Bruce Anderson

Many companies fail to ensure employees are satisfied in their roles and committed to achieving key strategic goals - risking turnover of key players and the inability to meet overall business objectives. It's imperative for organisations to invest in developing employee skills and competencies today to increase productivity and performance that will drive sustainable growth into the future. As a result, employee engagement cannot be neglected.

7 Ways To Really Engage People

by Kevin Eikenberry

Engagement is a very trendy word, and while it is so powerful, because of its (over)use, people are making it harder to think about and understand than is necessary. It is writers, speakers and consultants who are adding to the confusion by injecting complexity where it isn't needed.

Employee Engagement - Getting Staff To Say 'I Do'

by Lauren Brown

In relationships, no marriage can take place without an engagement. Business is much the same, except instead of the marriage being between two people, it is between a company and its employees. Much like any personal relationship, employee engagement depends on motivation, trust, loyalty and commitment.

Resignations - Ensuring A Smooth Transition

by Rebecca Wallace

Employers are investigating creative retention plans in a bid to keep their high performing staff. However should a resignation occur, there are a number of strategies you can use to draw positives from the experience, that will benefit you as a manager and your business as a whole.

Walking The Employee Engagement Talk

by Dr Alan Zimmerman

People tend to think because they've "heard" about employee engagement, there's no need to "hear" about it again. What a mistake! One of the biggest problems organisations have today is the HUGE gap between their creeds and their deeds. In other words, they talk a good game but seldom walk a steady course. Don't fool yourself. Don't ever think you don't have time for all this "employee engagement" foolishness.

Employee Engagement: The Leader's Role

by Wilson Learning

On the surface, it's easy to say that uncontrollable factors contribute to business challenges - such as politics or the global economic crisis. However, some organisations continue to enjoy greater levels of success in spite of these external forces - mainly due to something called "engagement". While many leaders may understand the importance of engagement, they are fraught with more questions than ideas about how to actually create it.

Stop Employees Running On Autopilot And Engage Their Brain

by Karla Brandau

Some employees only engage their brains to do their jobs just to the level so they won't get fired. Little if any discretionary effort comes from these employees and they may never choose to change their engagement preference. However, if an organisation increases the invitation to be engaged, most employees will respond in a positive way. Here's a checklist of strategies to engage your employee's brain.

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