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Styles & Qualities Of Leaders

What business attributes, qualities or characteristics are commonly identified amongst successful leaders and managers?
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What Your Closest Friendships Can Teach You About How To Be A Better Leader

by Suzi McAlpine

I have three close girlfriends who are 'my people'. They’re the ones I’d call first when the thing I fear the most happens. The ones I send ugly face, greasy hair pics to on a far too regular basis. They’re the humans who have hugged me, and have sat quietly beside me with compassion and non-judgement when I’m in a bad place. They’re also the ones who celebrate my joyous moments as if they were their own.

Are You A Future-Ready Leader?

by Gihan Perera

Many leaders are currently grappling with change, uncertainty, and disruption. Some are just battening down the hatches and hoping all that change stops soon. But that’s wishful thinking! If anything, we’ll seen even more change in the future, and you need new skills to survive and thrive in your leadership journey.

Why Vulnerability Is A Key Leadership Skill

by Rowena Millward

Letting yourself be vulnerable is not something that comes naturally, and for most people is really difficult. It goes against all of the ways we have learnt to be confident, capable and successful.

Four Key Characteristics Of A Leader That People Want To Do Their Best For

by Rosalind Cardinal

You can’t make people give you discretionary effort.

Three Steps To Coaching Emerging Leaders

by Anna Marshall

Have you had a vacancy in your executive leadership team and been unable to immediately appoint someone from within your organisation to that position?

Why Good Leaders Understand The Power Of People

by Colleen Callander

Good leaders understand that people are their greatest asset. Prioritising the needs and wellbeing of your people can have a remarkable impact on the organisation and your bottom line.

How To Lead With Confidence When You Don’t Feel It

by Lisa Stephenson

Being a great leader is one of the hardest challenges to achieve in the world. Only a special few find that leadership comes naturally. Everyone else has to do the work and the learning before they hit their stride. So, if you are new to your leadership role or your confidence has spiralled down for some reason, buckle up and settle in for the ride.

Five Ways To Ensure The Leaders You Manage Are Leading Well

by Michelle Gibbings

Leaders set the standard by their behaviour and by the behaviour they accept in those they lead.

Three Levels Of Awareness For Effective Leadership

By Ingrid Messner

During the past year, leading effectively has taken on new significance and become even more difficult. An effective leader is able to achieve and sustain desired results. But recently, the goalposts have constantly moved.

Why Good Leadership Matters To All Of Us

By Michelle Gibbings

With the current economic and pandemic challenges, leaders and bosses are needing to innovate and manage previously unseen complexities and uncertainties, making leadership more essential than ever.

The 3 Focus Areas For Extraordinary Leadership In Service

By Jaquie Scammell

If you are serious about taking your service to people in your community and society at large as an extraordinary leader, then you need to deeply think about how you consider implementing the following 3 focus areas in your business and teams:

The Difference Between Good And Great Leadership

By Brad Giles

When comparing the results of companies, it's relatively simple to assess tangible differences in a company's performance. But dig a little deeper into the data to try and understand the actual role that leaders have played in any success, along with the quantitative nature of that involvement, and the answers often become less clear. It begs the question, what is the tangible difference between a good leader, and a great leader?

Why Transformative Leadership Supercharges Profitability

By Tony Holmwood

There would be very few leaders in today's fast-paced world who would not want to give their organisation the gains or lift that they instinctively know is possible, through creating a positive or proactive strengths-based, solutions-enabled environment. But to work more effectively as a team, leaders need to first develop themselves. Harvard Business Review states that leadership's first commandment is to know themselves better. That's why self-aware leaders who understand behaviour are transforming businesses and changing the way employees interact.

Are You Aligning Your Leadership Career With What Fuels You?

By Lisa Stephenson

Leaders end up in leadership roles for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes they get there accidentally because they got a tap on the shoulder. Some leaders take on the responsibility because they want the title and salary that goes with it. We appreciate those who work hard on themselves and earn the right to call themselves a leader. Then there are those who were born to show us the way, and being an inspiring and results focused leader is in their DNA. What we know for sure is, regardless of how they got there, they'd better know how to sustain their own energy and focus because no one is coming to do that for them.

Are You Leading From The Front?

By Michelle Gibbings

Every year, thousands of new leadership books hit bookstores. Despite the plethora of reading material and research, the evidence of leadership challenges and failures isn’t hard to spot.

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