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Delivering Great Presentations

Delivering a presentation does not need to fill you with fear and trepidation. What can you do to combat the nerves, improve your presenting skills and deliver a presentation that will wow your audience?
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Five Reasons Why Presenters Fail To Make An Impact And What To Do Instead

by David Fish

How many times have you left a meeting, not quite sure what the point of the presentation was, overwhelmed by the sheer number of slides and data points - yet underwhelmed by the impact of the narrative? Imagine if your potential clients feel the same way when leaving your sales presentations.

4 Components Of A Remarkable And Memorable Speech

by Monica Lunin

How many times have you sat in awe of a powerful speech and wondered – how did they do that? There are some speeches that stay with us, reverberating in our memory for years, and others that we forget almost instantly. Of course we want more of the former but we mistakenly believe it is impossible to extract and replicate the technique of the masters.

Presentation Boredom… How To Wake Them Up!

by Carmine Gallo

Your audience will mentally check out of your next 'PowerPoint presentation' after about 10 minutes. Given a presentation of moderately interesting content, your audience’s attention will 'plummet to near zero' after 9 minutes and 59 seconds, according biologist John Medina at the University of Washington School of Medicine. “Before the first quarter-hour is over in a typical presentation, people usually have checked out,” says Medina who cites peer-reviewed studies to reinforce this observation.

Preparing For A Stellar Presentation

by Kevin Eikenberry

Have you ever given a presentation and when it was over you said to yourself: "I should have been better prepared."? Have you vowed in that moment of stress, frustration and with the sense of lost opportunity that "I'll be better prepared next time."? Then, as the next presentation came up like a speeding-out-of-control freight train, did you find yourself in the same dilemma? Maybe you have had these experiences and thoughts, yet you didn't really know a great way to get that preparation.

Six Keys To Better Impromptu Speaking

by Kevin Eikenberry

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? You're sitting in the meeting, and the VIP before you asks – "What do you think?" Or you're asked to stand and share your thoughts on a topic you haven't considered before or weren't prepared to discuss. These six suggestions will help you succeed in these uncomfortable and sometimes unsettling communication opportunities.

Increasing Your Presentation Charisma

by Profiles International

We have all had the experience of being amazed by a phenomenal public speaker, and felt a slight twang of jealousy, wishing we could extract some of their charisma and energy and inject it into our presentations. Many people believe that those charismatic speakers are simply born that way, but the truth is, charisma is all about behaviour. What are these behaviours - and can we use them ourselves?

Top Tips For Delivering Authentic Presentations

by Dr Louise Mahler

The most positive, memorable presentations are the ones that are authentic. When we deliver an authentic presentation, who we are shines through. We connect with our audience. We inspire and engage ... and we make a difference. These are powerful tools in any leaders toolbox.

Advanced Presentation Skills - 7 Tips To Fielding Difficult Questions

by Dr Louise Mahler

The ability to field and answer difficult questions when you are in the ‘hot seat' is crucial in business today. Knowing how to navigate your way through will not only make you look better, but help you feel better and potentially make you more valuable in your job and groom you for promotions and extra income.

Turning Conference Delegates Into Sales Leads

by Flyingsolo

You’ve landed a great speaking spot at a national conference. The audience is full of prospects from your target market, and what’s more, they’re all looking up at the podium waiting to hear you speak.

Get Ready For Speaking To Generate Leads Fast

by Jenny Stilwell

Don’t panic! If you would rather stick pins in your eyes than get up in front of people to speak, you can still use this same approach to generate leads from referrals and writing articles.

Getting Invited To Speak At Conferences

by Flyingsolo

Speaking at conferences establishes you as an authority in your field and provides great networking opportunities. But how do you land those highly sought speaking gigs in the first place?

Combating The Fear Of Speaking In Public

by Flyingsolo

Butterflies, pounding heart, sweaty palms, shaky knees. Sound familiar? These are symptoms of stage fright, and you can overcome them.

Speaking To An International Audience

by Brett Rutledge

Increasingly, CEOs and senior executives are being asked to speak to audiences made up of entirely different social and cultural backgrounds. Here are some tips to help you with the challenge of an international audience.

Maximise The Power Of Public Speaking

by Catriona Pollard

Public speaking is a fact of life, whether we like it or not. Whether you are doing a speech at a seminar or conference, or a pitch to clients at a workplace, somewhere along the line we have all done public speaking.

The Dreaded Q&A: How To Think On Your Feet

by Flyingsolo

Imagine you've just given a great presentation where you've covered all of your key points. But wait, there's more! Most presentations end with a question and answer (Q&A) session. Are you ready for the Q&A?

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