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Delivering Great Presentations

Delivering a presentation does not need to fill you with fear and trepidation. What can you do to combat the nerves, improve your presenting skills and deliver a presentation that will wow your audience?
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Building The Body Of Your Presentation

by Paddy Spruce

Have you ever heard that the way you present your ideas is as important as the idea itself?

The Importance Of Preparation In Presentations

by Greg Phillips

In real estate it's location, location, location. In presentation skills it's preparation, preparation, preparation.

Book-ending Your Presentations

by Paddy Spruce

Bookends start and finish a set of books on a mantle piece. The books would collapse without them. Bookends also apply to dealing with people. Simple conversations, business presentations and corridor negotiations all have bookends to keep them intact. In this article, I focus on business presentations and tell you what I mean about bookends and their importance in delivering a successful and professional presentation.

The Importance Of Useful And Stimulating Visuals

by Greg Phillips

Have you ever sat in an audience and heard the presenter apologise for the quality or readability of their visual? Do you ever wonder why they used it in the first place? I do. If you know a visual is poor, why use it? There is no point and you should never put yourself in the position where you feel you have to apologise for any element of your presentation.

How To Pack A Punch In Your Presentations

by Leigh Farnell

Keep it short, sharp, punchy and visual.

How To Write An Introduction That Positions You Professionally

by Camille Valvo

Ever been introduced and been disappointed with the outcome? Four key questions to craft a professionally polished introduction.

Personal Impact - Public Speaking

by Byron Kalies

There are some people who walk into a room and you can almost feel the energy levels in the room double. Other people walk into a room and seem to drain the room of energy - energy vampires.

Public Speaking Training Tips For Better Business Presentations To Culturally Diverse Audiences

by Thomas Murrell

Audiences around the world are all different. Cultural, social and religious differences impact on how people learn, take in information and interact with presenters.

How CEOs Can Take The Drama Out Of Public Speaking In 35 minutes Or Less!

by Ricky Nowak

There’s no need to add an acting degree to your financial and business qualifications but if you want to give your audience a memorable experience and get them to act on your message, try adding a little GLOSS to your presentation.

How Senior Managers Can Avoid Being ... 'Junior Presenters'

by John Lees

Every presentation, short or long, formal or otherwise, involving any type of audience...is a clear reflection of executive quality and potential.

Putting Your Business On A 'Sound' Basis

by Don Kinsey

In the current very competitive business climate, the personal presentation of proposals is becoming vital in achieving a successful outcome.

Successful Presenting

by Brian James

Begin with the end in mind & 'know your audience, know yourself & know your stuff!'

Two Keys To Successful Presentations

by Brian James

A successful presentation is one that communicates with your audience. The keys to ensuring this are to know your message and know your udience.

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