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Why Self-Belief Is Vital For Leaders As We Open Up

Thursday 25 November, 2021
CEOs of today are facing responsibilities far greater than ever before - personally and professionally. Not just to lead companies, but decisions that concern communities on a deeper and more personal level than we have ever experienced. All of this in a commercial landscape that is perhaps for most, more volatile than ever.

Why Self-belief Is Vital For Leaders As We Open Up

The pressure is on - especially with COVID-19, to have even more vision, more foresight, compassion and yet agility during unprecedented times.  

How do we as CEOs hold a sense of stability in times of increased uncertainty. To thrive and lead stronger in 2022 and beyond?

The answer is an unparalleled and fortified deep sense of self-belief. 

A heightened level of awareness and sense of purpose. Not one based on falsity, but a crucial trifecta of connection to self (awareness), experience (accountability) and insight (action). 

Managing the responsibilities that come with leadership is like a rally - it’s all conditions, anything can happen and you either are prepared to suit up and enjoy the entire journey - or keep falling back into a sand dune - exhausted, frustrated and feeling unfulfilled.

The difference is now - we know better. We can unlock our super powers and find our glide if we are willing to let go of an outdated operating system, where overwhelm is like a badge of honour.  

The new landscape of commerce and community requires a different radical approach. It is less bravado and more humility. Accessing a deeper level of trust to navigate through unprecedented times with grace and courage. 

Evolved CEOs ensure that mental, physical and emotional cues are in alignment for the best possible outcome. True self-belief.  

Here’s how: 

  • Connection to self: Awareness

    Burn out, freak out and opting out are not co-requisites to CEO life. Force, friction, struggle and stress are not the requirements of leadership well done. These are in fact outdated paradigms founded in generations of neuroplasticity that have us, out of habit, overworking, over thinking and unhappy. Having the awareness to recognise overwhelm, to put your oxygen mask on first, to choose curiosity over fear is paramount. To press pause and assess before taking action. 

  • Experience: Accountability

    A word often overused and under applied. Have you stopped and asked yourself the tough questions? Forged a quiet space to tap into your knowledge and combine this with your 'knowing'.  As leaders whether we like it or not, there is no wiggle room on the fact the buck stops with you at the top.

    If you desire a certain culture, change, growth or perspective - how are you delivering on that yourself first. Are you clear on values and purpose?

    Are you making decisions from future vision along with informed facts and stats - or fear based frameworks?

    Ask the questions, take time for self, readjust your pit crew around you.

    Refine and review often. Ultimate flow in culture is when as a leader (in home as well as work) we actually become acutely aware of managing our own behaviours first and sharing that learning by example. 

  • Insight - What’s the next right step? AKA. Action

    When there is so much uncertainty we can get caught up in the roadblocks rather than the opportunities to pivot and shift coordinates ever so slightly.

    Replace overthinking and over managing with a different approach. Understand what the next right step is without needing every single element to be in place. This is where as CEOs -  insight becomes an extraordinary tool. Where all aspects are applied, financial, emotional, intellectual and a higher connection to your super conscious. Back yourself.

    Where do you want your workforce, your friendships (personal and corporate), your finances and relationships to shift into flow and sustainable connections?
  •  Set clear overarching goals with regular check points for others to catch up and feel accomplishments in each step along the way. 
  •  Allow room for others to catch up, to step in and show up.

Self-belief does not require an award but rather speaks via real results of collaboration, co-creation and a sense of combined purpose and productivity within teams that shine from the inside out.

Progress not perfection. By evolving as leaders we can thrive in this new rally of business and life. Choosing to respond to challenges with acuity rather than frustration. To hone a new level of skills set that focus on flow rather than force.  

One day you stop looking around at getting direction from others or what has been done before and you realise 'you’re it'.  You are the one others look to, you are the one others take their cues from. Awareness, accountability and action. 

Radical purpose and self-belief builds sustainable success. It empowers those around you to do the same. This period in time will reward those who dare to pioneer, to uncover more strength, tenacity, fortitude and foresight than we ever thought we possess.

Author Credits

Nikki Fogden-Moore, author of Radical Self Belief, is a renowned change leadership specialist, host of Radical Self Belief The Mojo Maker Podcast and founder of The Quantum Decision Making Program©. Nikki is a proven expert who is dedicated to putting extraordinary leaders and individuals in the driver’s seat of life and work. Find out more at www.nikkifogdenmoore.com.

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