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Styles & Qualities Of Leaders

What business attributes, qualities or characteristics are commonly identified amongst successful leaders and managers?
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A Laundry List For The Entrepreneur

by Ivan Kaye

In this article there are 22 points that are a must read for any entrepreneur wanting to succeed.

Balancing Leadership And Management

by Ian Berry

Sadly leadership has become a buzz word and despite all the fuss about it, very few people get it. Of equal concern is the spin-off; many people have forgotten about management. Real leadership needs real management if it is to be of real benefit.

How To Spot A Fake Leader

by Ian Berry

To me there are nine standouts as fake leaders, The Dictator, The Know-it-all, The Profit Pusher, The Bureaucrat, The Snake Oil Salesman, The Opportunist, The Jekyll and Hyde, The Technocrat, and The I Take No Responsibility. Keep your eyes and ears open - there could be one of these folk in an office near you!

Leadership Vs Management - The Debate Continues!

by Robert Re

The debate continues as to the difference between leadership and management. This article focuses on why that debate is so important.

The Rare Qualities Of Leadership

by Sarah Cornally

There’s a difference between a great leader and a notorious leader. Lao-Tse, the great Chinese philosopher, said "The greatest leader of all is when the people say they did it themselves".

Are You A “New Age” Manager?

by Karen Schmidt

Would you describe yourself as a “new age” manager? No, I don’t mean someone who meditates and eats organic food. I’m talking about the type of manager who keeps themselves up to date, who knows what the trends are and maybe even starts a few of them.

Principled Communication

by Dr. Stephen R. Covey

Since the publication of my book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, I have worked with many wonderful individuals who are seeking to improve the quality of their communications, relationships, products, services, organisations and lives. But sadly, I see many people using a variety of ill-advised approaches. In effect, they try to apply short-cut, manipulative practices learned in academic and social systems to natural systems, the "farms" of their lives.

Facing Your Leadership Dilemmas

by Sarah Cornally

Gone are the days where your title ensured you started from a base of respect. Leaders today are under scrutiny being assessed moment by moment as to whether they deserve respect.

Good Boss ~ Bad Boss™

by Kerry Larkan

Think of the employers and businesses that you know; some of them are Good Bosses – some of them Bad Bosses. Good Bosses walk the talk and are good employers – Bad Bosses simply aren’t backing up their claims with their actions and behaviours. The Good Boss companies have discovered the links between being a Good Boss and reducing staff turnover and building profits.

True Leadership

by Greg Phillips

There are many aspects to being a great leader. We believe that despite this, every leadership characteristic can be defined under only two main categories. These categories are either skills or behavioural.

The Great Questions Real Leaders Often Ask

by Ian Berry

Leadership in my view is the art of inspiring people to bring everything they are to everything they do. Leadership falters without management however. Management is the science of making it easy for people to bring everything they are to everything they do.

When Management Isn’t Enough!

by John Cleary

Management is easy. The power of the position says you direct and others do. It’s a tried and trusted formula which, like so many of its kind, at best works short term. The long term implications are frightening. If you want to be an effective Manager, become a better leader!

Are Leaders Born or Made?

by Greg Phillips

I was recently in a forum of business leaders who were discussing the question of whether leaders were born or made. The unanimous decision was that while some people have a natural ability for leadership, leaders are indeed made, not born. Leadership is generally thought of as the ability to lead others. The fact is that leadership starts within the leader and therefore self-leadership is in reality the key to successful leadership of others.

20 Foundations For Real Leadership

by Ian Berry

I have often reflected on my time as a corporate manager and executive during the 70’s and 80’s. My summary would be this was a period when we over managed and under led. Today I believe there is a tendency by many to under manage and over lead.

10 Best Practices Of The Most Effective Leaders

by Paul McLoughlin

Whether researching from articles written by the most esteemed leadership academics or from those who have actually practiced being a leader, there is basic agreement on the best practices of the most effective leaders.

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