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Styles & Qualities Of Leaders

What business attributes, qualities or characteristics are commonly identified amongst successful leaders and managers?
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10 Reasons Why A Pirate Should Be Your Entrpreneurial Role Model

by Kirsty Dunphey

The English word pirate is derived ultimately from the Greek word peira meaning "attempt, experience", or more implicitly "to find luck on the sea". Let's see how much we can improve your entrepreneurial experience and find you some luck in the sea of business opportunities!

Magnificent Leadership

by David Deane-Spread

Being a "good" organisation is nothing special any more. To flourish in a rapidly changing world it is essential that the organisation be able to break through the "good" bracket, which is now nothing more than mediocrity. Foremost amongst the tools required to become sustainedly magnificent, is magnificent leadership.

The A - Z Guide For The Future Entrepreneurial Superstar

by Kirsty Dunphey

Want to be an entrepreneur? So do a lot of people! And a lot of people go to their grave saying "I wish I'd..." and "If only I'd...". If you're determined not to be one of them, run through the A - Z and see if you're on track.

5 Attributes Of Growth Leaders

by Steven S. Little

Growth leaders are distinctive not only in their actions, but also in their attributes. These specific attributes are more like personality traits than true management skills, and they ultimately build trust.

How To Lead Through Thick And Thin To Achieve Your Goals

by Richard Martin

The highest level of leadership adaptability depends on a few leadership strategies, techniques and principles. Follow the strategies outlined below and you will achieve success.

Riding The Rollercoaster Of Entrepreneurship

by Elizabeth Gordon

Entrepreneurs are like rollercoaster junkies; the ones that build a successful business like to experience the thrill over and over again by always tackling new ventures.

Your Brand Of Leadership

by Paul Bridle

What is your leadership brand? What leadership brand does your organisation need from its leaders to add value to the company brand?

5 Irrefutable, Non-Negotiable Laws Of Leadership You Must Know Now

by D. Kevin Berchelmann

Leaders, new and old, sometimes lose sight of the most fundamental tenets of leadership. Here's a reminder...

Claiming Leadership

by Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

Claim your own leadership - and light the way for others to claim theirs.

Get Smart - Watch Your P's And Q's

by Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

Following are 3 P's and 2 Q's that are useful guidelines for managers.

Do Small Businesses Need To Worry About Leadership?

by Diana Ginty

Small businesses can survive when led by owners with an unshakeable will to succeed. But to grow a business, the director must develop leadership in both themselves and others to continually focus on the objectives of the business through well developed planning and implementation.

10 Tips For Entrepreneurial Success

by Tom McKaskill

Budding entrepreneurs have to first realise that they cannot achieve their dreams by themselves.

Are You An Entrepreneur?

by Tom McKaskill

Vision, grit, focus: do you have what it takes to bring something new to the market?

The 52 Essential Attributes Of Truly Successful CEOs

by Denzil Griffiths

For those aspiring to be CEOs, this list may seem somewhat daunting. But, to coin a phrase, these are not 'rocket science' - they are skills which are readily definable and learnable. In fact, with 52 in the list, why not focus on just one per week and see the amazing difference after only a year?

Six Warning Signs Of Leadership Failure

by Mark Sanborn

In the recent past, we've witnessed the public downfall of leaders from almost every area of endeavor - business, politics, religion, and sports. One day they're on top of the heap, the next, the heap's on top of them.

Total 81 articles in this section.
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