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Styles & Qualities Of Leaders

What business attributes, qualities or characteristics are commonly identified amongst successful leaders and managers?
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Becoming A Purposeful Leader

by Kevin Berchelmann

First and foremost, leadership must be purposeful. People won't follow "accidental" leaders - no matter what you may have read to the contrary. Admittedly, some really successful leaders are so humble and personally unassuming - yet so passionate about their vision - that they don't seem to fit our personal definition of a "leader". But never, ever, assume it's "leadership by accident". It isn't. Learn what purposeful leadership looks like to emulate purposeful leadership yourself.

Becoming The Leader You Want To Be

by Skip Weisman

Knowing some basic level skills provides an important foundation on which you build the trust and respect you need to lead people most effectively. It also provides the foundation from which you are then be able to get great results from more advanced techniques. Learn what I refer to as Level 1 Leadership Communication and become the leader you want to be.

5 Essentials For Highly Effective Leaders

by Donna Stone

Some leaders are born. Others grow into their roles and some are simply promoted. If you are a leader, then I challenge you to review each of the following traits of a remarkable leader. Do you honestly believe you pass muster? And if you recognise you are lacking in one particular area - what are YOU going to do about it?

Are You A Leader Or A Manager?

by Jonathan Farrington

Without managers, the visions of leaders remain dreams. Leaders need managers to convert visions into realities. For continuous success, organisations need both managers and leaders. However, as most seem to be over-managed and under-led, they need to find ways of having both at the same time.

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Organisational Leadership Communication

by Skip Weisman

CEOs continue to tolerate things and procrastinate on taking action in areas that are dramatically affecting their company’s results.

3 Types Of Leadership Awareness

by Aubrey Warren

How aware are you of your leadership? How aware are you of your effectiveness, your style, your impact, and your influence?

Raise Your Profile Through Thought Leadership

by Shelley Dunstone

Two professionals are experts in their field of practice. One is frequently published, quoted in the press and invited to speak at industry conferences. The other isn’t. Why? The answer is that one engages in thought leadership, and the other doesn’t.

Do You Need To Take A Step Back?

by Aubrey Warren

It's not a surprise anymore when the majority of business people indicate a preference for using a high relationship and high task leadership style.

Leading In Tough Times

by Lee J. Colan

Have you been wishing for the good old days lately? Or at least to rewind the economic clock 12 months? Leading a company during a slowing economy has plenty of challenges. What should you change, stop or continue doing?

The Truth About Leadership - It May Surprise You!

by Dianne Taylor

Why do we struggle so much with leadership issues? One reason is that many popular ideas about what makes a strong leader are based on myth rather than reality. Let's look at some of these myths and compare them with what's actually the case in the real world.

Recession Proof Leadership - 5 Keys To Leading Through Challenging Times

by Kevin Berchelmann

There are 5 keys to leading effectively during challenging times. They aren't necessarily difficult, but to ignore them will certainly make your life more difficult.

What Great Leaders Do

by Faith Ralston

Great leaders truly make a difference. Great leaders inspire hope. Great leaders help others believe more is possible. But how?

Real Leadership Means Others Are Influenced In Remarkable Ways

by Ian Berry

An outcome of real leadership is that people are influenced in remarkable ways. There are 5 keys to achieving such outcomes.

Surviving And Thriving In Times Of Uncertainty

by Ian Stephens

When the fear associated with uncertainty starts to spin out of control, tall poppies step up! Everyone has a choice; stay on the side-lines and join in the feeding frenzy, or manage your mind, find the ‘opportunities' and influence thinking.

Are You Leading? Or Just Managing?

by Mark Sanborn

Leadership is often used as a buzzword in today's culture and is applied to areas ranging from the corporate business world, to sports teams, to nonprofit organisations. Although leadership may currently be in the spotlight, it has always been a critical factor in the success of an organisation.

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