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Decision-Making, Negotiating & Influencing

Decisions, negotiations and persuasion occur in the workplace everyday. How can you be effective in your decision-making, influencing others or negotiating a desired outcome?
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Leaders Circle Of Influence

by Greg Phillips

A national survey of employees found that 85 percent of those interviewed said they could work harder in their job. More than half claimed they could double their effectiveness “if they wanted to”. Why is it that some people consistently do a great job while others are inconsistent or are consistently poor performers?

How ‘Influential’ Are You Really?

by Michael Hudson and Leo Hawkins

Nowadays individuals and their organisations depend much less on positional power and authority, and much more on the influencing skills of their people. Being recognised and rewarded as an effective manager increasingly demands the competencies of a skilful negotiator.

17 Common Mistakes Of Negotiating

by Wayne Berry

...and how to avoid them.

Negotiating In Other Countries

by Michael Hudson

...plus tips for effective cross-cultural negotiation

How To Deal With A Stonewaller

by Wayne Berry

One of the most frustrating situations we can encounter during a negotiation, is when we come up against a person who stonewalls our every attempt to reach an agreement.

Leadership - Influence and Negotiation

by David Cromwell

How effective Leaders influence, communicate and negotiate - how do YOU rate?

The Power Of Parallel Thinking

by W J (Bill) Jarrard

to significantly improve your meetings.

How To Get What You Want From People Every Time!

by Paddy Spruce

As a manager, secretary, spouse or parent, you need to influence people to get through the day. You certainly need to be good at it if you want to build a successful business.

Total 68 articles in this section.
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