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Upgrading Hardware & Software

Keeping up with the latest hardware and software for your business can be overwhelming and costly. How can implementing new hardware or software be a dream, not a nightmare?
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Autoresponder Magic

by Will Swayne

Use email autoresponders to nurture stronger relationships with your website visitors and drive more sales in the process.

Choosing The Right Business Software

by Mike Lorge

SMEs - even with a smaller budget, limited resources and smaller IT department - can implement 'big-business' tools to help them automate business and financial processes more effectively.

Jump-Starting Your Data Migration

by Laurie Newman

The benefits of a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) framework resonate throughout the migration process: improved planning and budgeting, better resource utilisation, and enhanced risk mitigation.

Choosing A Mobile Solution To Boost Your Company's Competitiveness

by O4 Corporation

As the business world evolves, the way people work together - whether in the office or in the field - is very different today from even a couple of years ago. Today, there is even greater emphasis for companies to enhance the efficiency and productivity of its staff to boost its advantage over its competitors.

Why You Need A Migration Readiness Assessment

by Laurie Newman

Sooner or later, many organisations will be involved in a major data migration project, either because of a system upgrade, a new application implementation, or perhaps a merger, acquisition or divestiture/spin-off. It is well understood that data migrations are difficult and risky undertakings. This article provides a framework to mitigate this risk.

Will New Software Really Add Value To Your Business?

by Meredith Thompson

If you are looking for ways to improve your business, there is a vast array of software available which can apparently cure every business woe. According to the software vendors' marketing departments, every system will transform your business in so many ways it makes your head spin - so how do you work through the hype to see what effect a new system will really have on your business?

Is Your Accounting Software Keeping Up With Your Business?

by Meredith Thompson

For new businesses, choosing accounting software is relatively easy. However, once your business outgrows these products, finding a replacement is far more complex.

Taming Technology

by Farai Savanhu

Few small business CEOs, principals, owners and managers feel that they have their technology entirely under control. The convergence of IT, communications and business has created whole new sets of challenges for the small business technology function.

How To Choose The Right Software For Your Company

by Dan Kaplan

When I speak with CEOs and CFOs about buying new computer software, they often respond by saying “Our software works fine. We’ve had it for 20 years and never had any problems with it”. In other words, if it’s not broken, why fix it? But their system may be broken in ways they don’t realise.

Matching Your Data Systems To The Business Growth Needs Of Tomorrow

by Dan Kaplan

Fuelling the high growth rate for retailers, manufacturers and distributors is a flurry of mergers and acquisitions. In today’s world of mergers and acquisitions and heavy usage of the Web, companies are facing a new reality. Software that meets the company’s needs now will not be effective after a new acquisition takes place, or if sales substantially increase as a result of using the Web.

How To Control Your Company's Hidden Costs

by Dan Kaplan

One of the major factors that contribute to hidden costs lies in the warehouse. A warehouse that is not automated can create hidden losses.

How To Implement Your New Computer Software Successfully

by Dan Kaplan

The first step that should be taken immediately after the software contracts are signed is to define who will assume “ownership” of the new software installation.

Maintenance - Outsourced, But Not Out Of Mind

by Partners in Performance

Although there are many reasons that companies outsource, the trigger is often the realisation that a constant internal headache – such as managing maintenance – could potentially be dispensed with by seeking external expertise. In other words, getting rid of a problem process by paying someone else to manage it.

Virus, Spyware, Grayware, Malware

by ADB Computers Pty Ltd

If a process or change to your PC setup causes lost time, loss of functionality, obscene displays or frustrating unsolicited advertising then who cares what category the problem fits into. We need preventative action and on occasions a cure.

IT Outsourcing - Selecting The 'Best' Infrastructure Model

by Micheal Axelsen

Figuratively at least, CEOs are lying awake at night asking, "Is my IT infrastructure delivering what it needs to? In essence, are we doing IT right?" It is an age-old and important issue that causes CEOs considerable angst: "What is the best way to manage IT infrastructure?"

Total 27 articles in this section.
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