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Managing Debtors & Cash-Flow

To protect yourself against financial difficulties, what can you do to control or manage cash flow and debtors?
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Cash Is King

by Tony Gattari

Over the years large retailers have been hell bent on reducing inventory and wages as a means of freeing up more cash. Retail buzzwords such as 'stock turns' and 'wage percentage' have been the mantra for the industry. Whilst this has brought various amounts of success, the challenge for most retailers is that they don't understand the full mechanisms of cash flow.

Cash Flow - The Key To Success

by Bentleys MRI

The flow of cash, in and out of your business, is its lifeblood. Whoever said "You'll never go broke making a profit" got it absolutely wrong. You may be trading profitably in the sense that you are "making a profit", but unless your cash flow is under control, you could go out of business.

Debtor Control Checklist

by Matthew Gardiner

Companies must take control of their debtors to ensure they don't end up in financial difficulties.

Working Cashflow - Should Short-Term Investment Be Considered?

by Hugh Elvy

Financial management is part of our daily lives whether we are at work or play. To some ‘playing with the numbers’ is a form of entertainment, but to many of us it is a chore that comes with a ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’ approach. But what if you could save yourself cash by being more efficient, or better still, actually make money by investing cashflow in the appropriate funds?

5 Myths Of Inventory Reduction

by Phillip Slater

Working capital management and achieving a positive cash flow are arguably the two most important requirements for staying in business. After all, cash is king!

Creating Cash Flow Projections You Can Trust

by Bentleys MRI

Trying to run a successful business without cash flow projections is like driving along on the freeway in a driving rainstorm without turning on your windshield wipers.

Debt Recovery & Good Credit Control

by Bentleys MRI

Most businesses experience some problems getting paid on time by their customers. Good credit control helps to prevent this becoming a serious problem. However, there are occasions when a customer cannot, or will not, pay. To avoid a bad debt, you may need to use a third party or take legal action to recover the money you are owed.

13 Steps To Help You Get Paid

by Claudia Baskett

Getting started, recognising customers in trouble and maintaining your importance: all key elements in helping you get paid.

Cash Flow: Keeping Businesses Alive And Growing

by Palamedia Ltd

Adequate funding for a business is always important, whether it be at start-up, after years in business, or at the time of succession. Whatever the stage of a business, cash is king and the planning for it is paramount.

Debtors: How To Manage Them And Prevent Bad Debt Write-Offs

by NSW Business Chamber

Sound credit management is a critical aspect of a growing business particularly as mounting unsettled customer accounts often accompany a business' growth.

Debt Collection For Your Business

by Bentleys MRI

It is important for all business operators to have a structured debt collection policy to help preserve sufficient cash flows for the business.

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