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Boosting Business Profits

What factors impact the bottom line? How can these be effectively managed to boost business profits?
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The Value Of Getting Your Costing Right

by Sue Hirst

It's important to understand what all the costs associated with a product or service are, because you need to know that you're making a reasonable margin - ie. the difference between the sell price and cost price. Here's how to work it out.

Being 'Number One' Is No Safeguard

By Roger La Salle

The fact is that no matter what business you are in you can be sure if it is highly profitable others will soon enter the market. Market saturation will inevitably occur and profits will be eroded to somewhere near bank interest rates. Consequently, if bank rates rise significantly the marginal players or those with excessive overheads will ultimately succumb.

Reaching Your Business Targets With KPIs

By Sue Hirst

There is an old saying ‘If you aim at nothing, you will hit the target with amazing accuracy!’ We would all like a ‘silver bullet’ in our business that creates that wonderful profit we seek. The reality is that there isn’t one! There are lots of things that take up a business leader's attention in the effort to create a profitable and sustainable business. There are however a small number of key things that can have a big impact on any business’s bottom line.

Business Profits: How Much Are You Really Making - And Keeping?

by Sue Hirst

One of the biggest missed opportunities in regards to business reports, is lumping all revenue into one account, not breaking it down into categories. Breaking down - not only the revenue, but the costs associated with each revenue source - enables you to see clearly where you're making and losing money.

7 Pricing Considerations For Professional Services

by Tom "Bald Dog" Varjan

Do not waste your breath on discussing fees. If you talk about fees too early in the discussion, there is no basis of comparison, and your fee will be perceived as an expense. Focus on talking about value. And since only the buyer can talk about value, just keep asking deep questions.

Budget And Plan And Your Profit Will Flow

by Sue Hirst

It makes sense to invest a little time planning for the profit you want to make in your business and reap the increased business value benefits down the track. What key issues should you consider?

Increase Profits By Reducing Overhead Costs

by Robin Dunlop

Every professional manager knows the value of reducing costs - that every dollar saved can go straight to the bottom line.

How Customer Engagement Surveys Boost Profits

by solo business owners

Why waste time surveying your customers about how satisfied they are with your products and services, when research shows that customer engagement is a far more powerful profit driver than satisfaction?

Evaluate Your Business To Improve Your Bottom Line

by Tony Massaro

By following these tips you can increase your bottom line - even during the recession.

How To Increase Your Profits In A Downturn

by Cherry Birch

Let's face it. Every business needs profits - to expand, to invest in new things, to enter new markets, pay investors - or in these uncertain times, just to survive. So what are your strategies for increasing your profits? And are you confident that everyone in your business understands these?

Boost Profits: Zero In On Your Company's Profit Zone

by Laurie Taylor

Profitability. It's the reality of keeping a business running and yet remains a mystery on so many levels to business owners. The concept that you have to bring in more money than you spend to make a profit is basic. Getting there is a science.

Positioning Your Business To Succeed - Regardless Of The Economy

by John Cleary

Time passes quickly, and managing the change arising from economic uncertainty must become an immediate priority. Take action now to position your business for the future.

How To Avoid Going Bust!

by Matthew Nolan

Whether it’s because of current economic conditions, the loss of a major client or the emergence of a new competitor, financial troubles need not spell the end of your business if you take the right actions.

Pricing - Going Beyond What 'The Market Will Bear'

by Ellen Rohr

Economics 101 works well when you are talking about commodities. But it doesn't count for much as far as your products and services go. Forget what the ‘market will bear'. Do it the right way.

Making Your Business Boom!

by Tony Gattari

Most businesses have a fair idea of where they want their business to be over the next few years, however there is a lack of clarity as to how each component drives the business. If you really want your business to boom, and to give you what you want, there are 5 key components that need to be combined.

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