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Budgeting & Financial Health

A budget is a guide to the financial health of the business and a way to quickly identify overspending and potentially loss-making situations. What are some tips for putting together your business budget and analysing the financial performance of the business?
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Making It Through Tough Times Financially

By Sue Hirst

It is not unusual to hear stories of businesses doing it tough. There are various reasons, such as an economic boom ending, consumer or business confidence low, or digital disruption in your industry. If your business is experiencing profit and cash flow squeeze due to any of these reasons, here are four ways to ensure your business makes it to the next upturn.

6 Financial Numbers That Steer Your Business

by Simon Allsop

Most business owners look only at their profit and loss statement - which is a bit like driving a car using only the rear-view mirror. While a profit and loss statement shows what the business has done, only a balance sheet will show what the business is facing in the future. Learn the numbers you need to keep your eye on - and why.

Overwhelmed Is Under-Planned

by Sue Hirst

Australia dodged the recession and we’re all geared up for growth again. Sounds good, but will we survive growth after the downturn?

Are You Creating Wealth From Your Business?

by Darren Bourke

This article looks at the reality in assessing whether you are merely earning an income or actually creating wealth for the future.

Recession Marketing - 10 Mistakes

by Robert Middleton

Even if you are determined to market your services, there's a good chance you're making some deadly marketing mistakes that will decrease the overall effectiveness of your marketing.

Looking Into The Financial Crystal Ball

by Sue Hirst

The current economic climate makes it absolutely vital to look into the future and prepare your business for increasing or declining revenues. You need to plan the resources you will need, to fulfil the level of revenues expected.

Handling The Economy Objection Once And For All!

by Mike Brooks

If you're still getting the "We're just not going to do anything until the economy gets better" objection when you are asking for the order, I've got some good news and some bad news for you ...

Managing Credit Risk

by Malcolm Poslinsky

In order to protect your business's cash flow you need to understand the credit risks of your customers so that you can manage those risks effectively.

Get Your Accounts In Shape For Business Borrowing And Growth

by Sue Hirst

Business accounts are not a very sexy subject ... at least when you are up to your ears in running, managing and problem-solving. Unfortunately though, a poor set of out-dated accounts will really hold you back when you need to borrow and your bank manager is asking for current accounts, cashflows and projections.

How To Recession Proof Your Revenue Target

by Ian Stephens

When the going gets tough, true sales professionals man the O.A.R. (take Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility), lean harder into the opposing current and double the rowing tempo.

12 Tips For Better Credit Control

by Stephen Preen

An inevitable result of tightening credit conditions is that customers take longer to pay their bills. When a business has trouble meeting obligations, it is the squeaky door that gets the oil.

Managing Supplier And Customer Impact On Cash Flow

by Stephen Michell

There are a number of factors that can affect a business's ability to survive a downturn. Cash flow is arguably the most critical issue, and managing both suppliers and customers are the key aspects of this.

Debt - Equity: Getting The Mix Right

by bizexchange

One of the key issues that needs to be considered by business owners is, what is the right mix between debt and equity and, in the current climate have the fundamentals really changed?

Glossary Of Common Accounting Terms

by Ellen Rohr

Accountants do it on purpose ... they use weird words to make you think that they are smarter than you are, and to keep you in the dark. Or, the less nasty ones just don't know better. Good accountants and bookkeepers want you to learn the lingo. Keep this glossary handy as you work with your professional money managers. Use it to begin your journey to financial literacy!

FAQs On Small Business Budgeting

by Sue Hirst

A budget is a guide to the financial performance of the business and a way to quickly identify overspending and potentially loss-making situations. Here are answers to the most common questions asked about small business budgeting.

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