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Managing Debtors & Cash-Flow

To protect yourself against financial difficulties, what can you do to control or manage cash flow and debtors?
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7 Key Financial Drivers Of Profit And Cash Flow

by Sue Hirst

Small business owners are constantly grappling with ‘truck loads’ of information. Follow these steps to 'cut through' the financial information and discover which numbers are really important to understand, drive and manage your way to better profit and cash flow.

Improved Business Efficiency Helps In Difficult Times

by Tony Kabrovski

Many businesses, particularly small and medium sized enterprises, continue to face trading difficulties in an uncertain economic environment. Their owners and managers need to continuously identify areas where efficiencies can be achieved.

Minimise Expenditure And Maximise Cash Flow

by Flying Solo

Minimising expenditure is a critical component of business survival and cash flow. Follow these practical guidelines to help keep your business expenses under control.

Make Money In the Profit And Loss Without Losing It In The Balance Sheet

by Sue Hirst

Financial Statements can be a bit of a mystery to the uninitiated. If you begin to glaze over when it comes to looking through your Balance Sheet - you're not alone. We are often asked “What's the Balance Sheet for and what does it really mean?” It often comes as a shock that the Balance Sheet can make or break a business.

Accelerating Cash Flow By Streamlining Accounts Receivables

by Sue Hirst

Streamlining your Accounts Receivables will result in improved cash flow for your business. Entrench these steps into your business system you will find Accounts Receivables less of a hassle.

9 Tips For Debt Collection That Works

by Donna Stone

Particularly in the current economy, cash is king. It's critical, in order to stay afloat, that you have tight reins on your cash.

Improving Profit Through Better Cash Management

by Cherry Birch

Companies go bust because they run out of CASH. Recognise the importance of cash to run your business and positively manage it.

Balancing Cashflow

by Matthew Nolan

Day-to day-operations - and sometimes even survival - can all come down to how we're able to manage the inflow and outflow of cash: our cashflow. So how can SMEs better manage their businesses' cashflow?

How More Sales Can Cause Cash Flow Problems

by Sue Hirst

The age old question accountants get asked by business clients is "How come I've made more profit but I don't have any more cash?". The answer to this question may lie in the issue of the 'cash flow cycle'.

How To Speed Up Payment From Customers

by Sue Hirst

In this article, I discuss recovering money and ways to speed up payment after the invoice has been sent out to your customer.

Dam The Cash Outflow

by Tom McKaskill

Generating money, getting paid and keeping profits are all challenges for small businesses.

Six Steps To Avoid Bad Debts

by Sue Hirst

How well you do your debt collection can make or break your business. Every business has different methods and issues, so let's look at some of the key factors in running a successful debt collection process, in a typical business.

Why Profitable Businesses Can Go Bust!

by Sue Hirst

If a business is selling plenty of products or services and buying labour and parts at the right price, how is it possible for it to go bust? Cash is more often than not the reason why so many businesses fail.

Keeping The Cash Flowing

by The author

It's a bloodbath out there! You read the papers, you walk through the shopping malls, and retailers are closing up or being bought out. It's been a long time since one could remember retail being so tough.

Credit Risk Strategies To Minimise Bad Debts And Improve Cashflow

by Anthony J. Cordato

Winning sales is half the battle; ensuring you get paid is the other half!

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