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Budgeting & Financial Health

A budget is a guide to the financial health of the business and a way to quickly identify overspending and potentially loss-making situations. What are some tips for putting together your business budget and analysing the financial performance of the business?
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Trusts And Asset Protection: The Basics

by Tony Melvin

What is a trust? How can a trust help protect your personal and business assets? As for business asset protection, is it something you need to know about? Here are the answers, delivered in a straightforward manner.

Royalty Stacking: Tips For Licensors And Licensees

by Adam Liberman

In order to bring a product to market, a licensee may need to obtain rights from various rights holders. As a result, a licensee may be faced with a ‘stack’ of royalties to pay.

Financing Business Assets - Rent, Hire Or Purchase?

by Peter Bembrick

When it comes to buying business assets - whether they be company cars or factory equipment - there are a number of ways to finance the purchase.

Budgeting Made Easy: Quick Steps To Success!

by Keith Swenson

Bet that headline caught your attention! And, while all of us undoubtedly yearn for less pain around budgeting, we also bet that this headline is being met with the same dose of healthy skepticism as those late night infomercials touting millionaire-making deals with no money down! We'd like to suggest some survival tips in the form of new, slightly different, ways to approach budgeting for your people-related programs.

The Pros And Cons Of Purchasing Business Premises

by Benleys MRI

Buying business premises gives you control over one of your major financial investments. As an owner-occupier, you can choose to stay in the premises forever. If need be, you can raise money through selling, taking out an additional mortgage or letting part of the premises.

Financial Forecasts And Your Business

by Aaron Murden

A common factor amongst successful business of all sizes is the ability to plan and forecast in a timely and efficient manner. The ability to compare actual to forecasted results allows your business to assess its performance on a more frequent basis – rather than once a year from your end of year accounts.

Allocated Pensions . . . Are They Right For You?

by John Ives

An allocated pension is a tax-effective retirement income stream created from funds in superannuation. They have been very popular with retirees in recent years but before you use one it is important that you understand how they work.

Testamentary Trusts - Estate Planning Strategies

by Paul Stephens

In recent years the term “Testamentary Trust” has been used to describe what is usually a Discretionary Family Trust established under a Will. Their popularity arises from the considerable benefits that can flow from their establishment under a Will. A number of these benefits arise from the fact that the assets of the Trust while they may be controlled by a potential beneficiary, do not form part of that beneficiary’s estate. This feature means that a beneficiary’s inheritance that has been provided through a Testamentary Trust can be highly beneficial in a number of circumstances.

There Is More To Tax Than Income Tax

by Kevin Lock

Have you recently reviewed your businesses superannuation, employment taxes, or GST payments? Most businesses devote proper attention to ensuring that income tax is calculated to maximise savings. However, for many businesses the same consideration is not given to employment taxes, GST, or superannuation contributions and this has the potential to result in miscalculations and heavy penalties.

Causes Of Business Decline - Inadequate Financial Control And Competition

by Michael Owen

In the article 'Symptoms of Decline', we examined some of the major symptoms of decline that may arise in a business. Having identified that symptoms exist, it is necessary to seek out the cause.

Protect Your Business Against Escalating Insurance Premiums

by NSW Business Chamber

Over the past decade the insurance industry has shown poor results and insurance premium increases are affecting businesses throughout Australia.

How To Spot A Trusted Advisor

by Alf Priestley

While many people are concerned with planning for their financial futures, much scepticism towards the Financial Services Industry exists which is preventing these same people from becoming financially well organised, securing their futures, and enjoying more of what’s important to them.

Entrepreneurs Require Demystification Of Financial Management

by George Tanewski

Lack of financial management is often cited as the main reason for business failure. Formal accounting techniques and reports fail the entrepreneur, as these procedures are too rigid and too slow to respond to events, and historical accounting methods often do not reflect the current activities of the business. This article discusses the need to bridge the gap between accounting practices and entrepreneurship.

Avoiding Financial Crisis

by George Tanewski

In almost all cases, a business experiences some level of financial trouble during its life cycle. For many, this trouble is resolved in the ordinary course of business, with management or owners paying attention to early warning signals, identifying the problems, and developing solutions that work when implemented properly.

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