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Budgeting & Financial Health

A budget is a guide to the financial health of the business and a way to quickly identify overspending and potentially loss-making situations. What are some tips for putting together your business budget and analysing the financial performance of the business?
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Keeping Your Fingers Out Of The Till

by Sue Hirst

Separating your personal finances from those of the business can have a very positive impact on your cash position.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Relationship With Your Bank Manager

I'd like to share the benefits that many small business owners are enjoying by having a good relationship with their Bank Manager - and how your business can benefit too.

Regaining Control Of Your Time And Money

by Matthew Nolan

Better time management of finances means freeing-up time for prospecting and winning new business; it also means more time to mentor staff, manage key accounts, and perhaps most importantly, spend time away from work with family and friends.

Managing Accounts Receivable Days

by Sue Hirst

Have you heard the term 'Accounts Receivable Days'? This is not the number of days that you give your customers to pay, but the number of days, on average, that all of your customers are actually taking to pay you - which gives you a starting point to measure improvement.

How To Stop Overheads Heading Over The Top

by Sue Hirst

The simple tactics in this article can have a huge impact on the Overheads Percentage result, and ultimately, the value of your business.

Budget Help For The Small Business Owner

by Ellen Rohr

Don't avoid budgeting because you are not sure that you know how. You know more than you think you do. Here are some tips for putting together your business budget.

Accounts A Valuable Resource, Not A Compliance Nuisance

by Mark Muller

Accounts preparation should not be seen just as a compliance, pre-audit or tax return requirement. Businesses that stay on top of their accounting gain a great many benefits.

Your Report Card

by Matthew Nolan

Since the information contained in credit reports will directly affect whether you and your business can access credit through financiers, suppliers and even your phone company, it's important to understand what they are and how they're used.

Good Debt Versus Bad Debt

by Matthew Nolan

Whilst for most it's almost impossible to live debt free today, understanding the difference between good debt and bad debt will enable you to borrow smarter, save substantial interest costs and grow your wealth.

Cutting The Cost Of Banking

by Matthew Nolan

Your bank can make an enormous contribution to the long term success of your business, assisting funding, cash management and payment transfers. But as with any other expenses in your business, be sure that you always get the value you expect and don't pay more than necessary.

What To Do During The Five Ages Of Superannuation

by Michael Hutton

For most of us, thinking about what superannuation we need is something to do when we get closer to retirement. However, by then it can be too late to make any significant difference to super savings - and the opportunity for taking full advantage of the long term effect of compound interest on investment returns is lost.

Retail Shrinkage - Small Percentages Represent Big Dollar Losses

by Sharon Dibb

Shrinkage can be a silent but deadly killer of retail profits. Often it is hard to measure because retailers lack the necessary management information from point of sale (POS) systems and accurate stocktakes to precisely measure the extent of the problem. The problem needs to be identified before it can be tackled.

To Lease Or Not To Lease: That Is The Question!

by John Petty

Your business needs new plant, a computer system, or a delivery van, and you don’t want to dip into your capital reserves or bank balance to buy it!

Managing Your Creditors

by Bentleys MRI

If you have established good relationships with your suppliers, most will allow you to delay payment for a while so your business can weather short-term cashflow problems. But ignoring your creditors could put your business at risk.

Five Things Every Small Business Owner Should Know About The Business

by Bentleys MRI

As everybody knows, nearly everyone has advice for the small business owner, some of it sound and some not so sound. But when all is said and done, there are a handful of basic financial questions that you need to always have the answers to, after you've put the monthly financials in the drawer.

Total 44 articles in this section.
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