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Business Basics

What are the basics of business? What do you need to get your new business up and running smoothly? The Business Basics category throughout the IIDM website addresses these questions and more, and provides you with the framework to getting your business off on the right foot. In this Case Studies section, discover real-life examples of successes - and failures - in the Business Basics.
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Learning How To Say No

Businesses often quote every potential enquiry with the intention of building their client base, reputation and portfolio as swiftly as possible. But Miles Burke, CEO of digital marketing company Bam Creative, believes chasing every opportunity is not always the wisest strategy.

Bowled Over By Fast Growth

You’d think it would be every business owner’s dream to have customers banging down the doors. But sometimes, stretching your business to capacity can lead to more problems than you bargained for.

Building A Brighter Brand

When Catriona Pollard first decided to branch out alone, she knew building a new brand would be tough. She discovered that it was crucial for fledgling businesses to focus on building a consistent visual brand statement and stick to it; making your brand recognisable and credible.

Master Of All Trades

If you’re market-savvy enough to run a business featuring multiple products or services, you’ll know that it’s not easy to advertise them all under one umbrella. But Peter Morrison, CEO of Paperless Trail, knows how to overcome the pitfalls that come with offering too many services.

Bringing Bagels To The Table

Since John Dunphy launched NY Bagels in 1992, he’s had to work hard to bring bagels to the table. Why? Because bagels have never been a culinary staple in Australia, unlike the US and Canada (where John is originally from). To turn this around, Dunphy used the KISS principle and a lot of creativity ...

The Wow Factor By Design

Customer expectations have changed over the years, and the bar has been raised. Good customer service just isn’t good enough anymore, it has to be exceptional – and remain so. This is the story of how one organisation has consistently provided a 'wow' customer service experience.

Daringly Different Ideas Bring Forth Rich Fruits

Despite more competition in the market than ever before, Nudie natural fruit juices continue to thrive (even amongst larger competitors) thanks to thinking outside the square when marketing products.

Competition Fightback

When the NSW pharmaceutical manufacturer Homart began to face an erosion of its sales by low-cost competitors, it tried to retain market share by cutting its margins. Wrong strategy. Here’s how it won in the end.

Flowers In Their Care

Plants Management Australia has pioneered a way to convert plant breeders’ ingenuity into a thriving international business. And it has won a swag of awards along the way.

Power To The Patient

A program that was inspired by an entrepreneur’s granny now saves health departments and health insurers a fortune by teaching them how to train patients to look after themselves.

Floor Plan For Success

An NT tile retailer has increased its in-store sales conversion rate from about 30% to about 70% by changing the way tiles are sold.

Problem Plugged

A critical, drought-induced water shortage was threatening the sustainability of one of Victoria’s leading meat processing businesses. Necessity has proved to be the mother of a green innovation.

It's Not Easy Being Green

Green shopping bags are helping to replace some of the 500 billion plastic bags used worldwide annually. But what happens to the old green bags? One eco bag company is trying to change the lifecycle of its products.

Muck Up, Fix Up

Buying an established business out of receivership seemed like a bargain for a creative husband and wife team. If only things were that easy...

Making A Hard Sell Easy

An innovative e-learning company was going down the drain until it realised that its sales pitch had to educate potential clients about the product — and sell them as it taught.

Total 98 articles in this section.
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Contract Labour Cannot Solve All Your Problems

By CEO Online

Time to hire some contract staff? A leading Australian labor firm gives advice on what you should do - and should not do.

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