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Financial Management

Debtors, cashflow, capital - finance is the lifeblood of any business venture. Are you maximising your position financially? Do you need to mitigate your risk? Do you know how to decipher financial documents to gain competitive advantage or growth potential?

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Learning GuidesUse Learning Guides to help keep you on track for your continuous professional development activities. Sign-up below to receive a series of weekly emails (usually over four weeks) that break up the IIDM Knowledge Unit content into bite-size chunks. You can opt-out of the Learning Guides at any time. You can monitor your key learnings after finishing an IIDM Knowledge Unit, by completing an IIDM CPD Report survey. Your responses are saved and available at any time through your My Profile account, found in the top right hand side of the IIDM website. (Available to full members only.)

e-Learning Resources

Expert Talk Articles / Case Studies

Audio Seminars

Key Numbers To Drive Profit And Cashflow

Key Numbers To Drive Profit And Cashflow

Finance For Non-Finance Executives


Finance For Non-Finance Executives

Book Extracts

Stepping Stones To Success Stepping Stones To Success

Expert Talk

The Value Of Getting Your Costing Right

Seven Key Numbers To Drive Profit

Price Right, Profit Right

Are You Creating Wealth From Your Business?

Negotiating The Best Deal With Suppliers

Glossary Of Common Accounting Terms

FAQs On Small Business Budgeting

Regaining Control Of Your Time And Money

Looking Into The Financial Crystal Ball

7 Key Financial Drivers Of Profit And Cash Flow  

Six Steps To Avoid Bad Debts

Cash Flow - The Key To Success  

Case Studies

Helping Hands

Packaged Goodies

Second-Hand Growth

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