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Social Media

Social Media is more than the latest fad or trend. How can you leverage off social media networking and blogging to grow your business?
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LinkedIn Etiquette

by Raz Chorev

LinkedIn is a business and professional network. Some call it Facebook for business.

Basic Search Engine Optimisation

by Flying Solo

Getting noticed by search engines such as Google can make or break a small business, but search engine optimisation (SEO) is complex and often confusing.

Networking With Social Media

by Dr. Ivan Misner

From a business perspective, the ideal use for social media is to build your brand and your credibility with the people you are connected with; it’s about providing value for your connections and followers.

Email Prospecting Tips

by Kendra Lee

E-mail can be a very effective way of generating leads and penetrating accounts with little effort, especially if you have a good database available to you.

The Executive Summary Of Social Media For Business

by Chuck Sink

Businesses that are considering an investment in social media programs need to consider the cost of time as much as, if not more than, money spent on developing them. In business, time is money. For a social media program to be effective it must have a committed individual or team behind it.

How To Save A Packet On Website Development

by Craig Reardon

Here's a list of 'off the rack' features you needn't pay to have your website custom developed.

Social Media Will Help Your Business

by Chuck Sink

Have you noticed? This topic is currently the most written-about in the marketing profession. Social media marketing is a frontier whose horizon is still advancing. If you're not using it or still unsure of its efficacy, you're not alone. The case for harnessing social media grows stronger every week - literally by the millions of new users (watch)!

5 Tips For B-To-B Search Marketing

by Frank Chamberlin

More and more organisations are investing in paid search marketing, or pay-per-click advertising, as it is more commonly referred to. In Australia, because of the dominance of Google, paid search marketing is normally Google AdWords advertising.

Blogging - The Essential Marketing Tool

by Catriona Pollard

You are reading a business style blog right now - but have you thought about creating one for your business?

Online Business And Networking Your Way To Recognition

by Stephen Farrington

The online business world is not unlike the rest of the world. People do business with people that they get to know. People do online business with people that they get to trust. People who have a successful online business venture will refer to people that they like.

Guide To Effective Email Marketing

by Chuck Sink

How many email contacts does your business have? How is the list compiled? Is it segmented by category? Do you have a consistent email campaign going? What is its frequency? Is the content relevant to every recipient? Does your audience anticipate hearing from you regularly? Does your email program generate new business for your organization? If not, why not?

Tips For Using Social Media Websites

by Flying Solo

The explosion in popularity of social media websites has created many new ways to advertise your business, but it can be difficult working out how to take advantage. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Top 10 Benefits Of Online Marketing Vs Traditional Types of Advertising

by Dr Keith Webb

An old school marketing tenet says that you have to spend money to make money. Sure, when putting up a new business or expanding an established one, you have to spend on additional capital as well as advertising. But in the current state of the economy, you have to think a lot before spending. So, when it comes to advertising in this technology-driven, but sagging economy, it is best to put your bet on online marketing rather than traditional advertising types of marketing.

Email Marketing

by Michelle Gamble

Given that people these days tend to spend more time in front of their computers than any other screen, email marketing definitely needs to be part of your marketing arsenal. Email marketing is the bunker-buster of online marketing, but it is often ignored and under utilised by smaller businesses.

Customer Complaints In A Web 2.0 World

by Ingrid Cliff

No matter how hard you try and no matter how brilliant your service, at some point in your business life you will have customers that you have failed to satisfy. That is an inevitable fact of doing business.

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