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Author Profile - Graham Haines

  Author Profile - Graham Haines

Graham Haines is a Gold Status Author for the CEO Online website Graham Haines

Plans To Reality  

Graham has run his own consulting practice since 1987.  Reflecting its focus on Management and Strategic Marketing, it was originally called bpi consultants, with bpi standing for Best Practice Initiatives.  The change to Plans To Reality came as the consultancy was re-focused on the issue of Implementation - how to effectively execute plans and strategies.   

Overcoming the barriers to bringing plans to reality is the subject of Graham's latest book - "Execution to Die For - the Manager's Guide to Making It Happen".  The spin-off from the book is the development of the world's first Enterprise Operating System, based on the analogy of constructing, operating and maintaining a wagon wheel.

Graham has a Joint Honours Degree in Law and Economics from Durham University and a Grad. Dip. Ed from Melbourne University. He is both a Certified Management Consultant and a Certified Practicing Marketer. He is a member of the "Tailored Advisory Services Team" that provide manufacturers with advice under the Federal Government's Enterprise Connect program and sits on the Commerce Advisory Board at the Faculty of Business and Law at Deakin University.

In addition to his consulting activities, Graham has taught marketing and management at a tertiary level and written over 150 articles for specialist press and his own web site. He has also recorded interviews with Business Essentials, CEO Online and Qantas in flight radio.

Plans To Reality  


Phone: +61 3 9870 5159



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