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Expert Talk - Contributor Requirements And Guidelines

Becoming an Expert Talk Contributor

The International Institute of Directors and Managers (IIDM) welcomes the submission of articles from external Contributors for publication in its Expert Talk section.

IIDM endorses the many benefits of individuals and business' writing and publishing articles, through;

  • sharing your expertise with potential clients,
  • being seen as a thought leader in your area of expertise, and
  • increasing awareness of yourself and/or your business
  • becoming eligible to reach your desired status through our Contributing Author Recognition Program

Below are the article submission requirements and guidelines, as specified by IIDM:

Letter of Engagement  
(369 KB)

Article Submission Requirements 

The IIDM 'Letter of Engagement - External Content Contributors' provides IIDM with the authority to publish external Contributor's articles on its web site.

IIDM  must receive a signed copy of the 'Letter of Enagement' prior to a Contributor submitting an article :

Letter of Engagement (.pdf)


Articles must be submitted to our office via email: .

We request that Contributors adhere to article topic, aim and format guidelines stated in the 'Letter of Engagement' and below.

Where an article meets IIDM's requirements, allow approximately one to two month's for publication. Upon publication, Contributors will be advised by email.

Tip: Keep your name in front of our CEO audience by regularly submitting articles, rather than a single article submission.

Potential Topics List  
(163 KB)

Article Topic  

IIDM has identified over 55 topic categories of interest to our members. We invite Contributors to utilise the 'Potential Topics List' to seed ideas for articles:

Potential Topics List

Tip: Articles submitted on the topics listed within the 'Potential Topics List' will be given greater preference. 

Expert Talk Template
(118 KB)

Article Format 

IIDM has established a preferred format in relation to Expert Talk articles.

We request that Contributors review the 'Expert Talk Article Template':

Expert Talk Article Template

Tip: Articles submitted which adhere to the preferred format will be given a greater precedence.

Simple And Effective Writing For The Web
(113 KB)

Article Style and Structure 

Writing for a web site is very different to writing for print publications. Simply put, visitors to a web site scan the content rather than read off the screen in detail.

IIDM has compiled a list of tips, to assist Contributors in writing in an effective manner for the web:

Simple & Effective Writing for the Web

For further assistance, there are many articles published on the web site regarding writing with clarity, purpose, persuasion and influence. (Enter the keyword "writing" in the search facility.)

IIDM publishes articles that are of a practical nature, provide a solution or issue resolution, in a step-by-step format, and that conform to high professional writing standards.

Tip: Narrative or opinionated articles are not desireable.

Linking Policy  
(113 KB)

Web Site Linking

IIDM will include a hyperlink to the Contributor's web site in the author acknowledgement, where the Contributor enters into a reciprocal linking arrangement.

The IIDM 'Linking Policy' prescribes the text to be published on your web site (and includes a copy of the IIDM logo):

Linking Policy  

Tip: A text version of the 'Linking Policy' and a copy of our logo is available on request, for ease of loading to your site.

  Contributing Author Recognition Program

Contributing Author Recognition Program

Particpation in the Contributing Author Recognition Program can:

  • Enhance your reputation as a thought leader in your area of expertise
  • Give you / your organisation increased credibility in the eyes of your existing and potential clients
  • Provide you with new ways to add value to your clients , offering them a free Premium Membership (conditions apply)
  • Increase your profile on the IIDM website as a featured author on the Expert Talk section home page 
  • Allow you to connect to IIDM's social media audience through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Provide a reason for you to contact existing and potential clients , advising them of your new status

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