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Business Basics

What are the basics of business? What do you need to get your new business up and running smoothly? The Business Basics category throughout the IIDM website addresses these questions and more, and provides you with the framework to getting your business off on the right foot. In this Case Studies section, discover real-life examples of successes - and failures - in the Business Basics.
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What To Consider When You're Renting Space For Your Business

Running a business that's reliant on bricks and mortar is tough. There are many overheads to pay, and making the rent each month can be a nightmare for retailers, cafes, restaurants, and clinics alike.

How To Launch Your Own Startup While Working Full-time

If you're a CEO, MD or GM, chances are you're incredibly ambitious. And like many business owners and top-level executives, you probably like the idea of pursuing your own ventures outside of work. But being an entrepreneur while working a separate full-time job is no easy task. Launching - and successfully running - a startup is a huge commitment, even for those who have 40 hours up their sleeves.

How To Leave A Firm And Branch Out On Your Own

Marcus Lyon is co-founder and Executive Director of Brunswick Group, a property development company based in Melbourne. Before he founded Brunswick Group, he was an Executive Director at Plenary Group, a business that invests in, develops and operates public infrastructure.

Connecting Businesses, People And Charities - Profitably

'1% For The Planet' is a non-profit organisation that helps businesses donate one per cent of their profits to selected sustainability projects. Similar to how Uber connects drivers to passengers and Airbnb connects those with lodging to people seeking accommodation, '1% For The Planet' links companies with money to charities that need it.

Mitigating A Bad Hire

Like many entrepreneurs, Michelle Bourke discovered the hard way the perils of hiring someone who just simply is not the right fit for the company culture.

How To Build A Business In A New Industry

When Charlotte Petris founded Timelio - a service that allows businesses to sell invoices to investors, using peer-to-peer technology - 80 per cent of her clients had never used a service like hers before.

How To Get More Bang For Your Marketing Buck

When Justin Fankhauser started his locksmithing business, TopLock Locksmiths, in 2001, he had just $5,000 and a station wagon. He believes his early adoption of innovative marketing strategies played a huge role in his success, transforming the business into a 7-figure company.

The Importance Of Workplace Culture

Kym Williams, Managing Director of BRS Results, focuses heavily on the culture within his business consulting company. Aside from its effectiveness, "it would be a bit like a mechanic who doesn't service his own car," he says. "You have to practice what you preach."

Marketing The 'Unmarketable'

According to dental care entrepreneur Dr Kia Pajouhesh, the health industry approach to marketing can only be depicted as 'marketing with your hands tied behind your back'. Aside from legal technicalities, there are strong expectations from patients and other clinicians that the focus should be on providing health care services - not growing a business. Hence, there can be a very strong stigma attached to being 'too entrepreneurial', especially by industry peers.

What To Consider When Hiring Internally

Diane Costa, Managing Director of Marketing Mechanics, recently learned a valuable lesson within her business. A senior staff member resigned, and the chance for someone to fill the leading role emerged.

How To Capture And Retain The Interest Of A Variety Of Members

Of the Melbourne Business Network’s 4000 members it is estimated that only a third are regularly active. One of the main challenges faced by the organisation is getting more members on board and keeping them invested.

How To Bring A Global Brand To The Australian Market

The marketing consultancy Clear has been creating robust branding strategies for clients for more than 10 years. Originally founded in the United Kingdom, Clear now operates across four continents and employs more than 70 staff.

How To Rebrand Your Organisation Effectively

Two years ago, it became clear to Jodie Sangster, CEO of ADMA (now Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising) that things needed to change when she was out conversing with potential members.

Scoping For Project Profitability

When AccessibilityOz was established two and a half years ago, Director Gian Wild had to start her business from scratch. There were no pre-existing models she could leverage (such as those in more traditional industries like accounting, for example) and this proved a real challenge.

Making Your Business Indispensable

How do you build a business when not many people understand the importance of what you do? Having faced just this issue, Drazen Drazic shares his recommendations for anyone facing this business situation.

Total 98 articles in this section.
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Contract Labour Cannot Solve All Your Problems

By CEO Online

Time to hire some contract staff? A leading Australian labor firm gives advice on what you should do - and should not do.

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