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Business Basics

What are the basics of business? What do you need to get your new business up and running smoothly? The Business Basics category throughout the IIDM website addresses these questions and more, and provides you with the framework to getting your business off on the right foot. In this Case Studies section, discover real-life examples of successes - and failures - in the Business Basics.
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The Main Event

A corporate event can be a great way to attract attention, but make sure it is relevant, within budget and legal, says a professional event organiser.

The Sources Of All Good

Monday 17 March 2003

A Sydney-based design company uses all the information sources it can find – including suppliers and clients – to make its designs better.

Kill The Staff Newsletter

The best way to improve communication between management and staff may be this: stop the information overload. It can cut costs and improve staff morale.

One Service Fits All

A Sydney-based audio-visual systems company has rapidly expanded by a simple method – offer customers all the service they want and need.

Instyle Finds Substance In Talk

A textile wholesaler surveyed its staff and found their main concern was communication with management. Now, a new feedback system is helping its expansion plans.

Small Fish Need A Niche In A Big Pond

Big retail chains are a competitve menace for the single store owner. Len Wallis Audio is fighting back by sticking to its market - and providing superior service.

The Jelly Mouse That Roared

A small Melbourne lolly maker has beaten international confectioners by researching what consumers wanted – and giving it to them.

Give Me Sales Before Creativity

Advertising agencies should concentrate on selling their clients’ product first; having beautiful creative is a secondary issue.

Farewell My Monopoly

Paddy Gillooly thought he was on easy street when he bought a monopoly tourism business. Then, along came competition.

Small, Focused, Aggressive - And Competitive

Keeping a very tight focus on one niche market in specific countries has allowed a New Zealand company to beat much larger competitors.

Sales Success Begins At Home

'Surgeon sell thyself' could be the motto of this award-winning laser eye-surgery business.

When The Going Gets Tough

A would-be manufacturer shares the hard lessons he learned when a good idea went bad in the early 1980s.

From Wholesale To Retail - The Clayton's Way

Clayton’s Kitchens made and wholesaled a product that retailers loved, so they have decided to start retailing too.

Make Customers The Key To A Huge Success

Tom O’Toole’s wildly successful bakery has three simple principles – all focused on customers.

How To Turn A One-Job Proposal Into 250 Projects

Sydney building company Interach offered to help global coffee-shop chain Starbucks with its new Australian office - it got work on another 250 Starbucks outlets as well.

Total 98 articles in this section.
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Contract Labour Cannot Solve All Your Problems

By CEO Online

Time to hire some contract staff? A leading Australian labor firm gives advice on what you should do - and should not do.

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