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Learning Modules

Expand your leadership skills with these practical and easy-to-apply learning modules. Each module explores a key business theme or practice, and provides you with a clear pathway to effective action and improvement. New learning modules will be regularly added... so remember to visit this web page again.

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Latest Learning Modules

Learning Module: 10 Skills For The Future Workforce

In the 20th century, leaders identified goals for their organisation, described the jobs required to meet those goals, and hired people with the... READ MORE

Learning Module: An Essential Guide To SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis was the product of a decade of research at the Stanford Research Institute between 1960-1970. By the late-1950s, many American... READ MORE

Learning Module: Authority - How To Write A Book That Boosts Your Business

The Internet has changed the entire buying process, and it affects you. In the past, when a customer wanted to buy something important - whether it... READ MORE

Learning Module: 9 Keys To Improving Competitiveness Through Lean

If you've been thinking about introducing Lean but aren't sure where to start or you've attempted to introduce Lean previously, this Learning Module... READ MORE

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Learning Module: The Psychology Of Critical Decision-Making

By Ric Willmot, Executive Wisdom

This Learning Module explores the techniques and behaviours that you can employ to improve decision-making in your organisation. We will also explore how most individuals do not examine every possible alternative or review all the available data when deciding how to act when confronted with a problem or issue.

Learning Module: B2B Customer Engagement Strategy

By Michael Haynes, 2Excell Consulting

The role of B2B suppliers and service providers is to understand, create and deliver value to their business customers. This creates a win / win situation for both business'. This is more easily achieved by B2B businesses encouraging fully engaged customer relationships.

Learning Module: Getting Amazing Results From Public Relations

By Catriona Pollard, CP Communications

Public relations is all about effective communication. It helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance and cooperation between an organisation and its target audience.

Learning Module: Webinars That Work

By Gihan Perera

Webinars are one of the fastest-growing tools for organisations to deliver high-quality material to clients, prospective clients and their broader network.

Learning Module: Creating Positive Workplace Relationships

By Ken Warren

In this Learning Module, we'll look at ways that managers can create positive environments, encourage positive relationships within their teams and discover strategies to deal with difficult relationships when things go wrong.

Learning Module: Avoiding The 7 Biggest Business Website Mistakes

By Gihan Perera

There are millions of business websites on the Internet ... and most of them don't work. They cost money, they frustrate people who visit them, and they don't give them anything in return.

Learning Module: Change Management 601 (Not 101)

By Ric Willmot

Effective change management skills drive all successful organisations. When you have completed this Learning Module, you will have learned skills that enable you to define the key concepts associated with change, that will improve your outcomes and results successfully, time and again.

Learning Module: Tribal Leadership - Leading The Teams Of The Future

By Dr Yvonne Sum

Though the opportunity to lead hasn't changed, leadership styles have. There has been a shift from control and command, to collaboration and connection. Moulding our existing leadership skills - and developing new skill sets - to suit the modern workplace will hold us in good stead, now and into the future.

Learning Module: Productive Executive Retreats

By Gayle Lantz

When organisations are going full speed, executives need "time-out" to help them think better, assess the business objectively and commit to new actions. Executive retreats are a great way to accomplish these goals. A well run retreat can bolster the leadership team - however, a poorly run retreat can completely drain executives.

Learning Module: Team Problem Solving For Continuous Improvement

By Daniel Lock

Team Problem Solving is about individuals - at all levels of the organisation - taking ownership for the issue and problems that prevent them from doing their jobs effectively. Done well, personal accountability surfaces, stress lowers, and productivity improves. This galvanises an organisation towards its goals.

Learning Module: Implementing Value-Pricing In Consulting Firms

By Tom "Bald Dog" Varjan

Time-based pricing and consultants have been close friends for a long time. But the problem with billable hours is that it's unethical to clients and financially limiting to consultants. Despite being knowledge workers, it only compensates consultants for expended manual labour.

Learning Module: How To Avoid The 7 Biggest Leadership Mistakes

By Julie Hyde

It is not only preferable - but now necessary - for leaders to be conscious of their leadership and the results they are getting. Having identified common issues with leadership that have a significant impact on results, the contributing factors are always time, lack of planning, vision and focus.

Learning Module: Keys To Unlocking The Essence Of Leadership

By Dr Yvonne Sum

Effective leadership involves self-awareness and the ability to develop and maintain constructive relationships. Improving the "essence" of your leadership skills to better understand and respond to followers' needs and influence others will achieve results for yourself, your team and your organisation or business.

Learning Module: Strategic Thinking

By Ric Willmot, Executive Wisdom

What the majority of organisations and management forget, is that strategic thinking, to a great extent, has to be undertaken on a daily basis. There are no warning bells, however, it is the responsibility of management to identify opportunities and instigate sensible performance in an effort to raise results.

Learning Module: Listening And Questioning Skills For Exceptional Success

By Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter

Listening is often the most talked about business skill, but unfortunately also the one that is least developed. We assume we are good listeners. The truth is that listening takes a tremendous amount of intentional effort, and few people do it really well.

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