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Increasing Sales Skills

There are many barriers that you will confront when you’re selling products or services. What sales techniques or strategies can you employ to close the sale?


e-Learning Resources

Expert Talk Articles

Learning Modules

Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance   Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance
Mastering The Inner Game   Mastering The Inner Game

Audio Seminars

Presentation Skills For High Performance Results Presentation Skills For High Performance Results

Book Extracts

The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts

Expert Talk

Get In Top Sales Shape In Just 21 Days

10 Worst Practices Of Sales Follow-Up

12 Golden Principles Of Selling

14 Things Salespeople Should Never Stop Doing

10 Presentation Skills For Salespeople

7 Keys To Fine-Tuning Your Pitch

How To Build Trust And Rapport Quickly

Using Social Media To Help You Generate Referrals From Clients

Sales Prospecting Best Practices

Overcoming Price Objections

Value Selling: Getting Customers To Buy At A Higher Price

Case Studies

Making A Hard Sell Easy

Success Modules

Game On

The Main Event

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