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Author Profile - Sue Hirst

  Author Profile - Sue Hirst

Sue Hirst is a Gold Level Author for the CEO Online website Sue Hirst

CAD Partners / CFO On-Call  

Sue Hirst is the director of CAD Partners (CFO on Call), Financial Controllers, who provide small/medium businesses with the opportunity to use the on-site skills of ex-corporate finance managers on an on-call basis, without the normal high cost of hiring one full time.  

Due to the success and the demand in the market for good financial control help, Sue franchised the business in 1993.The current client base today exceeds 15,000 and CAD Partners is the only large-scale provider of on-demand financial control services in Australia and New Zealand with over 70 advisors.

Sue remains passionate about educating business owners on important issues such as good cashflow management and financial control. As such, she features regular advice in SME and industry publications. 

Author Profile - Sue Hirst


Phone: 1300 36 24 36


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