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Author Profile - Ric Willmot

  Author Profile - Ric Willmot

Ric Willmot is a Gold Level Author for the CEO Online website Ric Willmot

Executive Wisdom  

Ric Willmot, known as "The Strategist" assists organisations to improve performance, productivity and profit. He is one of those rare people who can call himself a global consultant and trusted adviser to some of the world's leading businesses, governments and institutions, and REALLY mean it!

Ric and his company, Executive Wisdom Consulting Group, help leaders make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements to the performance of their organisations; partnering with clients to tackle their most difficult issues and serious challenges. Just a few of his active and current clients include; Australian Legal Practice Management Association, CPA Australia and Commonwealth Bank.

Ric Willmot's intent is not just to improve your business, but to build firms which create wisdom and wealth. Ric's background is accounting, financial planning, and organisational psychology. Ric's Private Clients Mentoring Program was created in 2005 and has already had over 200 executives from 12 countries graduate through the 6-month program. Late 2010, Ric's Forums was launched. An international online business forum where people from around the world can come together 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week to discuss strategy, leadership, marketing, technology, best practices, ethics and anything else which presents itself. Within one month, over 100 professionals from 13 countries had bought lifetime membership.

Ric is interviewed and quoted frequently in the media; he writes regular business columns for 4 Australian magazines, 3 Asian magazines and is the feature writer for Svoy Business: Russia's leading corporate magazine with a readership in excess of 55,000. 

Ric Willmot - Executive Wisdom


Phone: +61 7 3395 1050


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