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Author Profile - Ian Berry

  Author Profile - Ian Berry

Ian Berry is a Gold Level Author for the CEO Online website Ian Berry

Ian Berry is a leading authority on thriving on the challenges of change through a unique kind of every day leadership. He has worked with enlightened business owners and leaders in 41 countries. His passion and expertise is in helping people to bring their best to their work every day.

Ian is the author of Changing What’s Normal, regarded by many as a seminal work in the fields of personal, relationship and organisational change. He is the creator of the Enhancing Their Gifts System - the change leadership journey that removes BS about people. Performance improvement automatically follows.

Ian has a gift for seeing what most people don’t and saying what most people won’t.

He is contrarian, controversial, and sometimes confronting. Always he is caring and compassionate.

A gifted story-teller Ian’s presentations and programs stir hearts, shift thinking, and inspire people to step-up their achievements.

One of Ian’s clients achieved 570% growth in just under 4 years. Ian has a track record for disrupting the status quo when same no longer serves and for changing what’s normal for the good of people, our planet, and for profit.


Ian Berry  


Phone: +61 418 807 898


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