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Author Profile - Greg Phillips

  Author Profile - Greg Phillips

Greg Phillips is a Gold Level Author for the CEO Online website Greg Phillips

DISC Advanced®  

Greg Phillips is an experienced Corporate Executive having been a Director of private companies and Group Executive member of Australian public companies. Greg has a long list of accreditations in behavioural sciences, human potential, cognitive behaviour and psychometrics. He is one of Australia's foremost authorities on the most advanced psychometric profile systems. Greg trains and accredits others in the use of psychometric tools and directly facilitates the use of workplace psychometric instruments for organisational improvement. He conducts recruitment assessments and behavioural workshops around self-awareness, communication, teamwork, leadership and sales improvement.

DISC ADVANCED ® assists organisations enhance the performance of personnel utilising the most advanced psychometric systems available. The company provides customised and powerful reports for individuals, teams and organisations. The process is designed to provide users with practical action plans to enhance individual, team and organisational performance. DISC ADVANCED ® believes in providing much more than a set of assessment tools.

Although assessments have proven to be very beneficial in numerous applications, assessments alone have a limited impact on performance. It is only when the information from the assessment is applied in practice that the value is created. The philosophy is that if we don't know where we are, it is very difficult to reach our destination. However, simply knowing our current location is not much better if we don't have any idea in which direction to proceed. Maps provide us with a frame of reference to make intelligent decisions as to where we need to go. DISC ADVANCED ® provides a framework to help make the necessary adjustments at the individual, team and organisational levels to achieve objectives. The framework is easy to learn, use, and it enhances performance.

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