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Author Profile - Colin Beames

  Author Profile - Colin Beames

Colin Beames is a Gold Level Author for the CEO Online website Colin Beames

BA (Hons) Qld, BEng (Hons), MBA, MAPS 

Director of Advanced Workforce Strategies

Colin Beames is an author, formerly an engineer where he worked in senior management roles, and now a corporate psychologist. He is one of Australia’s leading thought leaders in human capital and workforce trends, with a deep and expansive knowledge of these topics.

Colin is the Director of Advanced Workforce Strategies, a firm that provides consultancy services in the areas of the measurement and reporting of human capital, employment strategies, workforce segmentation, and workforce engagement and retention (including key talent) surveys.

He has recently released his second book entitled “Aligning Workforce and Business Strategies: Mobilising the 21st Century Workforce”. In this book Colin integrates a number of human capital models, based on latest research, that takes workforce planning to the next level of sophistication.

Based on this book, Colin has developed a DIY Workforce Strategic Plan Pack that includes a workbook and guide, samples, templates, tools and resources that can be purchased online. 

He has presented to numerous conferences and workshops, including the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), and the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA).

Advanced Workforce Strategies’ client base extends from “blue chips” through to SMEs, including both the public and private sectors.

Advanced Workforce Strategies


Phone: 0411 484 923
Address: 164 Hotham Street, East Melbourne, VIC, 3002


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