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Video Seminar: Best Practice Performance Review Process

Thursday 25 June, 2015
by Anneli Blundell
The annual performance conversation is a time consuming, non-value adding and possibly destructive process that does not positively improve performance at work. The future of annual performance reviews, as a management tool, is bleak.

Overview: Best Practice Performance Review Process

Question 1:
What’s wrong with annual performance reviews?

Question 2: Why aren’t people having better development conversations right now?

Question 3:
What’s the importance of real time, robust feedback?

Question 4: How else could we review people’s performance?

About Anneli Blundell


Anneli BlundellAs a professional people whisperer, Anneli has been working with leaders and teams to improve their communication and interpersonal intelligence for almost a decade. She brings to her clients a recognised expertise in the field of below conscious communication and motivation and is obsessed with decoding people and performance dynamics for improved results.


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Anneli Blundell Phone: +61 423 023 032
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