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How To Play To Your Strengths To Find Purpose And Freedom In Your Work Again

Wednesday 31 January, 2024
by Charlotte Blair
We spend over 80,000 hours of our life at work. How we work and live is changing, nothing is going back to normal. Employees are looking for a job that allows them to do what they do best. Globally nearly 8 in 10 employees are not engaged or actively disengaged but what differentiates engaged from actively disengaged (miserable) employees is how much time they spend using their strengths. The Manager and leaders are key to helping each person find their purpose and leverage their strengths.

Overview: How To Play To Your Strengths To Find Purpose And Freedom In Your Work Again

Question 1:
How do you go about discovering what your strengths are?


Question 2: What about weaknesses, shouldn’t we focus on those too?


Question 3:
What is the role of the leader in building a strengths-based team?

Question 4: What outcomes and results are seen in organisations that are strengths based?

About Charlotte Blair

Charlotte is known as the coachers coach, and is one of the longest established and most experienced Gallup Accredited strengths coaches in Australia. She works with Individuals, Managers and teams across the world to help them discover and use their strengths to meet their business and personal goals. 

Charlotte has been a Gallup-Certified coach since 2014 and is also an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC). After transitioning from a sales role for one the world largest IT companies, she now runs two successful businesses and partners with other coaches and learning organisations to deliver great outcomes. Charlotte is a founding partner in The Strengths Partners,  as well as a coach and mentor to other global coaches Charlotte is dedicated to helping people get career unstuck and love work again. She knows this is through discovering one’s strengths, shifting mindsets, leveraging some useful tools and frameworks and finding a cheer squad to support you.  

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