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Learning Modules

Expand your leadership skills with these practical and easy-to-apply learning modules. Each module explores a key business theme or practice, and provides you with a clear pathway to effective action and improvement. New learning modules will be regularly added... so remember to visit this web page again.

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Latest Learning Modules

Learning Module: 10 Skills For The Future Workforce

In the 20th century, leaders identified goals for their organisation, described the jobs required to meet those goals, and hired people with the... READ MORE

Learning Module: An Essential Guide To SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis was the product of a decade of research at the Stanford Research Institute between 1960-1970. By the late-1950s, many American... READ MORE

Learning Module: Authority - How To Write A Book That Boosts Your Business

The Internet has changed the entire buying process, and it affects you. In the past, when a customer wanted to buy something important - whether it... READ MORE

Learning Module: 9 Keys To Improving Competitiveness Through Lean

If you've been thinking about introducing Lean but aren't sure where to start or you've attempted to introduce Lean previously, this Learning Module... READ MORE

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Learning Module: Get In the Go Zone

The Go Zone is an easy to implement, yet powerful habit and mindset that will enable you to do the important things at the right times, and the less important things when you have time. The bonus is that you will also create new time to do the things that you want to do, or just to do nothing at all.

Learning Module: Mastering The Inner Game

By Paul Archer, Archer Training

In this Learning Module, you’ll gain practical strategies to increase your inner motivation, provide direction and to keep going when the sales world gets tough. It will cover NLP techniques to help you stay one step ahead of your peers, to manage your state of mind, to fertilise your self esteem and achieve the results you want.

Learning Module: How To Turn Stress Into Energy And Enthusiasm

By Michael Licenblat, Bounce Back Fast

The key to fighting stress is to convert it into energy and enthusiasm, and become resilient to whatever life throws at you, otherwise stress will continue to drain your performance, health and your ability to accomplish what you want in work and life. In this Learning Module 8 key principles have been outlined to help you become resilient to stress and bounce back from setbacks and pressure.

Learning Module: The Power Of Personal Branding

By Sue Currie, Sue Currie Communications

In this Learning Module we will go through a detailed approach to personal branding and the significance it plays in representing yourself and your company in a positive light. Whether it’s personal brand or professional, the essence of what needs to be done stays the same - it’s managing how other people perceive us.

Learning Module: Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance

By Vesna Grubacevic, Qt

There are many reasons for sales call reluctance and why business people procrastinate over making calls. So what differentiates people who are highly successful at making sales calls from those that aren’t?

Learning Module: Steps To Achieving Optimal Sales Performance

By Sue Barrett

High performing organisations anchor all tactical activity, decision making and effort to carefully considered and clearly understood strategic objectives. Playing “catch up” is a common challenge for businesses that have enjoyed a period of rapid growth and prosperity. Day to day business pressures result in many (if not most) decisions being made on an ad-hoc basis, with each one disconnected from the next.

Learning Module: 8 Strategies To Drive Growth & Value In A Service Business

By Jenny Stilwell, BOSSMENTOR®

If you are planning on selling your shareholding to potential investors or acquirers, make sure you start now to maximise your returns.

Learning Module: Ultimate Acquisitions - Failure Rates Are High

By Dr. Tom McKaskill

Acquisitions are complex projects which stretch the capabilities of most businesses thus it is not unreasonable to find a high rate of failure. Many companies undertake acquisitions with inadequate preparation and with inadequate resources.

Learning Module: Understanding Psychometric Profiling And Maximising The Benefits

By Greg Phillips, DISC Profiles Australia Pty Ltd

The intention of this learning module is to assist you in your quest to be a better person by knowing how to understand and influence behaviour. If you have used psychometric profiling in the past you will discover why you might not have achieved all you could have from it and if you are thinking of utilising psychometric profiling in the future, you will learn how to avoid the pitfalls and maximise the results.

Learning Module: What Real Leaders Do And Fake One's Don't

By Ian Berry, Differencemakers Community

Learn the strategies to discover the authenticity of your leadership and management, your effectiveness as a leader and a manager and how innovative your organisation can be.

Learning Module: Implementing Strategic Plans

By Graham Haines, bpi Consultants

This Learning Module explores the requirements for effective implementation of your strategic plans. While a relatively small number of executives can work together to produce a strategic plan, it requires the efforts and commitment of everyone to translate that plan into reality.

Learning Module: Decision Making


When are managers called on to make decisions? Some may answer: "All day, every day". And it would be difficult to disagree with such a response. From the moment we start work, managers have to make decisions about "who" is going to do "what", "when" they are going to do it and "how" they are going to do it.

Learning Module: Maintaining Passion, Enthusiasm, Motivation & Momentum

By Charles B Kovess, Australasia's Passion Provocateur©

“Engaged” is the current and popular management word to describe these enthusiastic, positive and passionate employees, where extra discretionary effort is a normal part of their jobs. The problem is that only one in five employees display these attributes.

Learning Module: Workforce Segmentation - How To Segment Your Workforce & Identify Critical Roles

By Colin Beames, WRDI Institute

Not everyone is equal! Not all employees possess knowledge and skills of equal strategic importance. They differ in their potential to add value, and in what they expect from work.

Learning Module: Managing Across The Generations

By Karen Schmidt, Let's Grow!

Welcome to a workplace with multiple generations! Builders, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Gen Y are what we're calling them. I'm sure you will recognise these terms and will have seen the effect these different generations are having on the workplace.

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