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Learning Modules

Expand your leadership skills with these practical and easy-to-apply learning modules. Each module explores a key business theme or practice, and provides you with a clear pathway to effective action and improvement. New learning modules will be regularly added... so remember to visit this web page again.

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Latest Learning Modules

Learning Module: 10 Skills For The Future Workforce

In the 20th century, leaders identified goals for their organisation, described the jobs required to meet those goals, and hired people with the... READ MORE

Learning Module: An Essential Guide To SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis was the product of a decade of research at the Stanford Research Institute between 1960-1970. By the late-1950s, many American... READ MORE

Learning Module: Authority - How To Write A Book That Boosts Your Business

The Internet has changed the entire buying process, and it affects you. In the past, when a customer wanted to buy something important - whether it... READ MORE

Learning Module: 9 Keys To Improving Competitiveness Through Lean

If you've been thinking about introducing Lean but aren't sure where to start or you've attempted to introduce Lean previously, this Learning Module... READ MORE

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Learning Module: Implementing An Effective Customer Feedback System

By Adam Ramshaw

Understanding what your customers really think and how that impacts on new sales and customer loyalty is imperative. Implementing a good customer feedback system is not necessarily straight-forward. There are a few tricks and traps in collecting this information.

Learning Module: Nurturing The Next Crop Of Leaders

By Karen Schmidt

Frontline leaders are vital to the success of any organisation. However, research shows that organisations are not making the most of this important group of people, with many new leaders crushed by their early experiences. This Learning Module aims to change to the way we develop frontline leaders.

Learning Module: Will It Sell? A Product Analysis Approach

By Gihan Perera

The basic formula for business success has always been the same: Create a product that matters for a market that cares, and use marketing to match the market to the product. The problem is that most businesses fall in love with their products and services, are too optimistic about their sales, and sometimes even put their business at risk with these high expectations.

Learning Module: Exercising Leadership Intelligence

By Dr Yvonne Sum

Intelligence in our contemporary world has become multi-dimensional. Did you know that more often than not, we are hired for our IQ (Intellectual Quotient); and most probably promoted for our EQ (Emotional Quotient)? Hence, we need to develop finer distinctions of intelligence awareness in our selves and in those we lead.

Learning Module: Getting The Right Media Mix

By Jane Toohey

As business leaders we are faced with an ever increasingly complex media landscape, where the options continue to grow and the rules for engagement change - not only between mediums - but also within mediums over time.

Learning Module: Argumentation - Understanding Effective Reasoning

By Ric Willmot, Executive Wisdom

Argumentation is not a very well understood aspect of human communication. The word, argumentation, has connotations of being combative, contentious, unpleasant and quarrelsome. It is, however, a way for people to justify their beliefs and behaviours and to influence the thoughts and actions of others. It’s about influence and persuasion, through communication that attempts to motivate others by reasoned judgment.

Learning Module: Customer Service Training Manual


The quality of the relationship between a business and its customers has become an increasingly important factor in determining the success of a business. Most of the services and products have many competitors, and in most cases the differences between a competitor’s products and ours, is minimal at best. Which is why the quality of the relationship you offer your customers will distinguish you from your competitors. If you treat customers as if they are human and extend them the courtesy of recognition and acknowledgment, then that relationship will be valued.

Learning Module: The Magic Of Mentoring

By Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

Leadership is at the core of a successful life. Being able to have and hold a clear vision, to take action towards the vision and to inspire others to follow and support you in getting there - and to continually develop yourself in the journey - form the foundation of valuable achievement. Whether we are leading a nation, an organisation, a micro-business, a family or just ourselves, leadership is essential. And it can be very hard work.

Learning Module: Mergers / Acquisitions - Workforce Strategies For Success

By Colin Beames

Since the early 1980’s, the large number of mergers and acquisitions (M/A) - coupled with their high failure rate - has led to substantial interest in the causes of M/A success and failure.

Learning Module: LinkedIn To Success

By Raz Chorev

LinkedIn is a business and professional network. As a social network, it has very similar functionalities to many other online networks, but with clear focus on the business world. I think of LinkedIn as an online toolbox, which goes way beyond keeping in touch with your business “friends”.

Learning Module: Becoming A Social Business

By Raz Chorev

When it comes how businesses view social media, it is quite common for large organisations to have a very similar perspective to small and medium sized businesses. They’re all thinking social media is another form of an advertising platform, they should run ‘campaigns’ on it, they must ‘be in on it’ because everyone else is, and head straight into setting up accounts, without too much thought or strategy.

Learning Module: China - Taming The Dragon

By Dr Mona Chung, Cross Culture International

China is a very attractive proposition for many organisations. However the Chinese market is a unique, complex and difficult one. There is no other market quite like it.

Learning Module: Content Marketing

By Frank Chamberlin

In the second decade of the 21st century, content marketing - creating and distributing content - is one of the most effective ways to promote a business online.

Learning Module: Implementing The Sales Process Of The Future

By Daniel Lock

This Learning Module is aimed at businesses who want to maximise the profitability of their business operations, giving clients a clearer, well-rounded buying experience that will encourage not only repeat business but an increasing stream of referrals.

Learning Module: Strategic Social Media

By Catriona Pollard, CP Communications

There are hundreds of social media platforms; however many have different audiences and different ways they interact with their users. How do you determine which ones best suits your business?

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