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Learning Module: Maintaining Passion, Enthusiasm, Motivation & Momentum

By Charles B Kovess, Australasia's Passion Provocateur©
“Engaged” is the current and popular management word to describe these enthusiastic, positive and passionate employees, where extra discretionary effort is a normal part of their jobs. The problem is that only one in five employees display these attributes.

Maintaining Passion

The fact that only one employee in five is enthusiastic about his or her job is hardly news to those who regularly shop for goods and services; but it appears it is news to far too many managers, who seem to be asleep on the job!

You have done the team building program. You have had the annual conference. Now you are back at the coalface, and the energy in the organisation is lousy, your people are unhappy and unmotivated, they have lost their enthusiasm, and the momentum that you know you need to achieve your team’s goals is disappearing rapidly!

What do you do?

This Learning Module will give you step by step explanations and examples of proven strategies that will help you to overcome your challenges.

But first you have to be motivated enough to take the steps and implement the strategies. Just reading about them is not enough. You have to get into action. I hope you get sufficiently excited by the ideas in this module to implement them, with passion!

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About Charles B Kovess, Australasia's Passion Provocateur©

Charles KovessAfter 20 years of high level legal and business experience, lawyer Charles Kovess knew that most people have a powerful and under-used ingredient they can use to drive successful changes in their lives. He turned his back on the law in 1993 to share those success strategies as a professional speaker, educator, facilitator and coach, and now he's a walking example of what he has so clearly proven... that ‘passion powers performance’, and that ‘passionate people produce’! Charles has enthused and inspired many companies and individuals to achieve outstanding results by harnessing passion, he is known as Australasia's Passion Provocateur, and travels the world revealing its mighty magic. He is a Certified Speaking Professional, (of whom there are only 87 in Australasia), Past National President of the National Speakers’ Association of Australia, President of the Australia-Hungary Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and Trustee of the Global Energy Network Institute. Charles has authored two inspirational books, 'Passionate People Produce', and 'Passionate Performance', and is the co-author of 'The 7 Heavenly Virtues of Leadership'.

Charles is not only passionate about the power of passion: he is also passionate about sustainable behaviours and sport! He is Chairman of an innovative wastewater treatment company, he is currently competing in his 25th consecutive season in triathlons; he qualified as an international water polo referee, played A Grade Amateur Football, and has completed eight marathons. He is the father of one daughter and three sons, and married Amy, his second wife, in 2005.  

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Kovess International  Address: 23 Landsdowne Circuit
Mulgrave VIC 3170
Phone: +61 3 9562 2248
Mobile: +61 412 317 404

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