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Business Book Extract: Unicorn Tears

By Jamie Pride
Unicorn Tears is the ultimate guide to avoiding startup failure.

Business Book Extract: Unicorn Tears

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A full 92% of startups fail in the first three years, leaving their founders burnt out, alone, and fatigued, and driving away many entrepreneurs from business entirely. This book shows you how to move beyond the myths of startups, foster your mental and physical agility, and create a startup that lasts.

As a venture capitalist and entrepreneur, author Jamie Pride knows first-hand the mental and financial pain of startup failure, and through this, offers readers the best path to success. Pride understands what matters in startups, and what gets in the way; his Hollywood Method for startup success gives you a proven formula based on the framework Hollywood uses to make movies that succeed around the globe. Case studies illustrate what success looks like on the ground, and brings a global perspective to successful entrepreneurship and the strategies that help your business grow:

  • Learn the truth behind why startups fail
  • Adopt a proven formula for success based on Hollywood blockbusters
  • Build your mental fitness through resilience, awareness and adaptability
  • Become attractive to funders and gain the right valuation from the right investors
Everyone wants their startup to succeed. Unicorn Tears offers the tools and expertise you need to make that happen.


Jamie Pride

Jamie Pride

Jamie Pride is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist on a mission to help build better founders and a better venture capital ecosystem to support them. For more information, visit his website:

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