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What It Takes To Create Winning Presentations

Monday 18 September, 2023
by David Fish
A strong presentation has the power to communicate messages that can facilitate real change, yet so many fail in their delivery. So, what makes one presentation a winner while another leaves the audience confused?

Business Book Extract: What It Takes to Create Winning Presentations

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In the new book, What It Takes To Create Winning Presentations, strategist, pilot and author David Fish provides a practical guide to master the art of strategic storytelling.

Drawing upon decades of experience working with the world’s largest advertisers and global agency networks, Fish outlines what it takes to connect, engage and convince through perfectly crafted presentations. 

Filled with examples and 12 key tools developed from tried-and tested presentation strategies, Fish empowers readers to become a confident strategic storyteller by creating presentations that are:
  • Clear: Know your audience and know what matters to them
  • Concise: Organise your content to increase message clarity
  • Compelling: Connect emotionally with powerful storytelling
  • Simple: Pitch the value in your ideas to anyone, anywhere
Whether you’re a sales director looking to win a million-dollar pitch or a manager seeking stronger team buy in, What It Takes To Create Winning Presentations is a must-read guide to help you drive action.


David Fish

David Fish is a globally recognised strategist, business leader and record-breaking pilot. Driven by a desire to make sense of how things work, he has a natural ability to bring simplicity to the complex, remove sales barriers and make it easier to communicate the value of any solution. Rising to become Chief Strategy Officer, David worked with some of the world’s largest advertisers as well as global agency networks and media sales houses, giving him a deep understanding of what it takes to connect, engage and convince. When it comes to the good, the bad and the ugly of presentations, there isn’t much he hasn’t seen from credentials, brief responses and multi-million dollar pitches. To learn more, visit

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