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Business Book Extract: Leading Wellbeing

Thursday 31 August, 2023
by Fleur Heazlewood
With increased stress, burnout and mental illness impacting the post-COVID workplace, mental health conversation skills are no longer a nice-to-have but necessary. Leaders are expected to provide greater psychological safety and mentally healthy working environments, yet often lack the skills and training to support the wellbeing of their people.

Business Book Extract: Leading Wellbeing

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In the new book, Leading Wellbeing, award-winning author and leadership expert Fleur Heazlewood provides a practical guide to help leaders navigate these complex issues.

Drawing upon extensive experience as a renowned speaker and facilitator, Fleur outlines the unique Mental Health Mastery approach and presents a clear framework for recognising the signs someone is struggling, providing psychological safety, and knowing what to say, what support is appropriate and how to balance both care and performance. 

Accessibly written and filled with tools and examples, Leading Wellbeing will improve your confidence and capability to have the necessary conversations around mental health and wellbeing at work.


Fleur Heazlewood

Fleur Heazlewood is a leadership expert and founder of the Blueberry Institute. With over 20 years’ corporate leadership experience, she partners with leaders and HR to create healthy,  high-performing teams and organisations. Fleur is known for building positive performance cultures that deliver both employee wellbeing and commercial results. She has trained and mentored over 3000-people in positive leadership, future-fit resilience, and mental health mastery. This is her second book. Learn more by visiting

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