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Business Book Extract: Teams That Swear

By Adrian Baillargeon
Team dynamics yield huge influence over the success of an organisation, yet it’s one of the most difficult things to get right. After a few bumpy years, how can you re connect your leadership team and boost their impact?

Business Book Extract: Teams That Swear

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In Teams That Swear, renowned team performance expert, speaker and author Adrian Baillargeon breaks down the art and science of teamwork to provide a practical guide to make leading teams that much easier. But this isn’t just another leadership book. Drawing upon over 20 years experience, Adrian reveals his unique and powerful team-building exercises that really work - like the three words that help teams bring up touchy topics more quickly, how a $10 note helped install the right behaviours across an entire department, and how sharing objectives and collaboration improved Cricket Australia’s chances of fielding their best team. Told with good humour and powerful insight, readers learn:
  • Why swearing can be good for you and your team
  • What research reveals about high performing teams
  • How to facilitate stronger, open dialogue between teams
  • How to assess whether your team is sinking, spinning or spiking
  • What areas to focus on to help your team thrive and shine
  • How to help leadership teams achieve more of their potential
Engaging and filled with proven team-building exercises that actually work, Teams That Swear is a must-read for all leaders looking to re-engage their teams, transform productivity and make work fun.



Adrian Baillargeon

Adrian Baillargeon is an author, international speaker, facilitator and executive coach He has spent over 20 years working in corporate and sports teams, including roles at Bupa ANZ, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada, Imperial Oil and Labatt's Canada. Obsessed with collaboration and human potential, Adrian draws his energy from finding ways for leaders to focus on what really matters so their teams can shine and succeed. To learn more visit:

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