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Business Book Extract: Unreasonable Ambition

By Vanessa Vershaw
A tornado of change has descended upon the world of work where leaders must navigate the unknown, armed only with an outdated roadmap, bad intel and obsolete operating systems. Whilst some leaders thrive on the edge of this precipice, many others fail. But what is it that makes the difference?

Business Book Extract: Unreasonable Ambition

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In the new book, Unreasonable Ambition, leadership expert Vanessa Vershaw provides a thought-provoking, practical guide on the power of having unreasonable ambition, a supreme belief in your ability to achieve the impossible and being able to execute it. Drawing on over 20 years’ experience as a trusted advisor and high-performance coaching psychologist to executive heavyweights from ASX-20 to Fortune 100 companies, Vanessa equips readers with the strategies and mind hacks to tap into the power, resilience and courage you have within you to create the life you want and bring others along with you for the ride.

Readers learn:

  • The secrets to building an unreasonably ambitious mindset
  • How to awaken their full potential and accelerate their ability to learn and create
  • The skills to take the steering wheel back and become the entrepreneur of their own lives
  • How to short-circuit their brain chemistry to spark courage and leadership mettle
  • A proven methodology to adapt and strengthen in the face of extreme challenges

Written for all modern leaders, Unreasonable Ambition empowers readers with advanced psychological tools and perspective needed to continue to thrive at work and in life, no matter the obstacles.


About Vanessa Vershaw

Vanessa Vershaw is a globally recognised transformation expert, leadership coach, culture and business strategist and facilitator. As the founder of the global strategic advisory Reinvention, Vanessa works closely with executives and teams of ASX-20 and Fortune 100 companies, NFP, private equity firms and sporting organisations to build extraordinary leaders, shift culture and create great places to work. Regarded as one of Australia’s top High-Performance Coaches and a 'CEO Whisperer' - Vanessa is also a leading voice in Organisational Psychology and a sought-after media commentator and speaker. She’s the winner of an Innovation Award in HR, was short- listed in 2016 for the Telstra Australian Women’s Business Award, a 2020 Nominee for the Women in Technology Award and the winner of the 2022 Momentum Trail-blazer of the Year Award. 

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