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Business Book Extract: Mindset Mastery: Do Less. Achieve More.

By Darren Fleming
Mindset Mastery will show you how to remove distracting thoughts so you can remain focused on tasks you need to complete.

Business Book Extracts: Mindset Mastery

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We spend our day playing whack-a-mole with distracting thoughts. When we need to concentrate we’re taken off-task by the urge to check emails, social media or think about something our inner voice wants to tell us. It’s a constant struggle to focus and get the job done. But what are we really fighting against?

In the new book, Mindset Mastery: Do Less. Achieve More; behavioural scientist and author Darren Fleming shows how to deactivate what drives you to distraction so you can have greater inner peace, control and ultimately happiness in your day... without whacking anything. Darren says that it all comes down to understanding the energetic sensation in our body. If we get rid of that energetic sensation, then we won’t be drawn to check emails, be bother by distractions or thoughts that keep you unfocused.

Drawing upon decades of experience as a top performance coach for organisations and individuals, Darren expertly explains:

• Why that inner voice won’t shut up and what to do about it
• How to turn the volume down so you can have some peace
• Why some people trigger you and how to deal with it
• Why your willpower always fails you when you need it most and what to do instead

Written for business leaders, executives and managers, Mindset Mastery is the one-stop guide to boost your productivity and end distractions... for good. 


Business Book Extracts | Mindset Mastery


About Darren Fleming

Darren Fleming is a behavioural scientist and peak performance specialist. He has a background in psychology, elite sport and entrepreneurialism. He is an in demand speaker, mentor and author. Darren works with major Australian and international companies to unblock their performance. He is passionate about helping people get out of their own way so they can stop struggling and achieve more with less effort. He counts Global 100 companies such as CISCO, Caterpillar, Komatsu and others among his clients. This is his seventh book. Visit:


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