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Business Book Extract: Money Magnet

By Steve McKnight
In this breakthrough book, bestselling author and self-made multi-millionaire Steve McKnight delivers a simple yet powerful guide anyone can use to make, manage and multiply their money, and to make their wealth count by giving it meaning. Money is a mystery to many people. It’s not because they’re hopeless at maths, unlucky, or big spenders. It’s simply because they don’t know how to think and act in ways that will attract wealth that sticks. Ultimately, it’s about learning how to become a money magnet - and anyone can do it!

Business Book Extracts: Money Magnet

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Money Magnet reveals the crucial truths and tools needed to acquire a wealth mindset. Inside you’ll find key strategies - not taught elsewhere - that you can use to create a blueprint for financial freedom. Also included are handy templates, checklists and other aids to help you plan, manage and measure your wealth-building progress. Discover:

  • Why you might be pre-programmed to fail financially without knowing it
  • How to attract more wealth by changing the way you think and act around money
  • The step-by-step guide for calculating how much wealth you need to achieve financial freedom
  • The mathematically proven investing formula for building wealth fast
  • How to give your money meaning and add significance to your life
  • And much, much more

This book is perfect for those seeking a step-by-step pathway to overcoming money struggles, and those who want a better and brighter financial future for themselves, their children, and for generations to follow. It’s time to learn how to count your money and make your money count.



About Steve McKnight

Steve McKnight is a Chartered Accountant, fund manager and respected real estate expert who escaped the rat race by replacing his salary with positive cashflow income from his property investments. An active philanthropist, Steve has donated 100% of the royalties from his best-selling books and has planted more than 400,000 trees to establish a new permanent native forest on previously cleared land, under a program he calls TreeChange. His areas of expertise include wealth creation, property investment, finance, economics and philanthropy. Visit:

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